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Yes, the annual trial of exhaustion is over - and I've spent the last few days dragging myself back to work. *bleah*

San Diego Comic Con was tons of fun... but WAY too many lines. And they get longer and longer and longer each year :( I made out with the booksellers area - but by constant hovering. There were giveaways for lots of Young Adult books - which I have to look through and see which ones I want and which I'll pass along to other friends. I had utterly NO luck in the movie/TV studio area with any giveaways. The lines would form instantly - at the same time as security guards were yelling at you to MOVE ALONG. *pouts* So, there were several things I've found out were given out by searching Ebay.

I got into most of the panels I wanted to - but dint of much line standing and loss of sleep. One I failed at - even with getting up way early. Oh well. I was almost glad Hobbit wasn't here this year. That would have been campout for sure. As Hall H, I found out to my dismay, that you only got in by at camping out. I got in line at 5:30AM and still did not get into Hall H for my panel. Too many Whovanians to fight against.

The only bright spot - I got a snazzy new smart phone - and I was burning up the Wi-Fi while line standing - and also taking and posting some pictures.

Some pictures I posted from Con are here:
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