Mar. 9th, 2013

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Entertaining B movie with no surprises but decent acting. Could you figure out the plot in 5 minutes? yea. But the actors did keep you entertained during the movie that wasn't too long and had decent action and plot.

The only head scratcher - this was definitely PG13, ie older teens, so the advertising was a bit of a disconnect with the 'family movie' hopes and studio advertising. Sorry, the giants loved to EAT PEOPLE. You might have had no blood and showed the 'eating' in a very vague and 'oh it's at a distance' sort of thing, but still!

There's really no need for the 3D. That's just studios grabbing money with a retro redo.

This one'd work just fine as a rental. Or if you need something mildly entertaining to watch.
winter_elf: Sherlock Holmes (BBC) with orange soft focus (Sheppard heart)
Another solid B movie.

Pros: Pretty, entertaining and amusing. Good for all ages. I really liked the Monkey and China girl sidekicks.

Cons: The leads were very one dimensional. The interest basically was the secondary characters - the monkey & China girl. I was not impressed by the 3D. Another studio grab. Go for the 2D.

Another movie with no surprises though a little long. The intro credits were well done and interesting.

James Franco did an okay job, if a little flat. I think really, that a much more charismatic actor in the lead role would have kept my interest more. To play a con man, you really need the 'oomph' and Franco tried, but just didn't have it. I read that they originally wanted/had Robert Downey Jr. He would have really fit this. Also, I think Jim Carrey could have blown it out of the park.

Basically, if you know the OZ books, I was told this is very true to them.


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