Jul. 25th, 2013

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Yes, the annual trial of exhaustion is over - and I've spent the last few days dragging myself back to work. *bleah*

San Diego Comic Con was tons of fun... but WAY too many lines. And they get longer and longer and longer each year :( I made out with the booksellers area - but by constant hovering. There were giveaways for lots of Young Adult books - which I have to look through and see which ones I want and which I'll pass along to other friends. I had utterly NO luck in the movie/TV studio area with any giveaways. The lines would form instantly - at the same time as security guards were yelling at you to MOVE ALONG. *pouts* So, there were several things I've found out were given out by searching Ebay.

I got into most of the panels I wanted to - but dint of much line standing and loss of sleep. One I failed at - even with getting up way early. Oh well. I was almost glad Hobbit wasn't here this year. That would have been campout for sure. As Hall H, I found out to my dismay, that you only got in by at camping out. I got in line at 5:30AM and still did not get into Hall H for my panel. Too many Whovanians to fight against.

The only bright spot - I got a snazzy new smart phone - and I was burning up the Wi-Fi while line standing - and also taking and posting some pictures.

Some pictures I posted from Con are here:
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Not bad. Decent action flick, the actor did better than I thought but it was WAY too long. Lots and lots and LOTS of destruction (and gazing into Lois' eyes - bleah! get the point already!). The changes to the 'history' and mythology was interesting and pulled you in. Lois wasn't a dim-whit but actually a good reporter and did some necessary things (except for the extending eye gazing). I liked both of Clark's 'parents' (original and earth).

The only problem - the huge amounts of destruction - and Superman NOT taking the fight AWAY from earth/the city, but adding to MORE destruction.

All in all, good job, but not as outstanding (to me) as Ironman 3.

Worth seeing - give it 4 stars.
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Very disjointed. It's like the script was written by committee with no overall vision tying it together. And we're not talking film editing - that was fine - but rather the movie itself couldn't decide if it was serious or humorous or what. It was not bad but just lacked a certain.. I don't know. We kind of walked out and it wasn't bad it just wasn't ... all there.

Tonto was fine. The Lone Ranger was a little wallpaper-ish himself. He couldn't carry the movie, but that's okay, his horse could. Also the side characters were a little more interesting and vivid - almost distracting from TLR.

What I liked: Silver (the spirit horses who liked to be on high places was a scream). Tonto & horse arguments, big action pieces

What I disliked: the wannabe love between The Lone Ranger and his brothers widow (no. yuck). the violent Indian death/attack - that really did not serve the story AT ALL, the narration 'future' bits that broke the story.

My suggestion - rent it with a group of friends and have a grand time talking about how to improve it.

Rating - 3.5 stars
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Cute and worth seeing. Also, totally did not end how I expected. I actually loved the ending and wanted that to be expanded a LOT more instead of just quick little snapshots montage sort of thing. The monsters were really cool and sometimes things were happening so fast that you were missing the side jokes and stuff in the background.

Several problems with continuity with some things in Monsters, Inc. - but nothing too bad, and 'handwave' ey.

I liked it and it was fun, but really, you don't need a big screen (or 3d), so fine for renting later.

rating: 4.5 stars
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Again, cute and amusing. Kids will love it.

However, this was pretty predictable. One main final plot point [livejournal.com profile] corvis_corvax even called out from the trailer MONTHS before we saw it. Not as good as the first movie. Gru doesn't charm as much as a 'good guy' except for one scene near the beginning where he'll do anything for his girls. THAT was funny. He was much more interesting as the Villian (or wanna be villain). Here he was a little too bumbling and a little too over-bearing on 'no boys near girls'.

The minions were funny - and amusing - even if traumatic things happen to them. They are basically why I think the movie has exploded. Everyone loves the minions!

Again, you don't need a big screen or 3d. Fine for renting.

Rating: 4 stars


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