Jul. 26th, 2013

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Die hard in the White House. No kidding. And here I thought that's what Olympus Has Fallen (OHF) was! Nope. This is a direct copy - down to the being a cop, jokes, white widowmaker T-shirt, press are idiots and bumbling.

Was it good? Yes, I enjoyed it. Lots of explosions, lots of gun fights lots of wonton destruction. Was it the same as Olympus Has Fallen? ... Yes, actually it was, which is why I think it hasn't done as well.

To me - it seemed like the same 'idea factory' came up with some plot points and gave the same ideas to two different script writers.. who while they differed a little, basically had the same line. And here the directors were both 'and our script is totally different, I haven't seen that one'. Really? No, you were lying through your teeth!

1. There will be a daughter in danger
2. Original group will let in backups/more people
3. There will be hostages
4. There will be hiding around/crawling around hidden places.
5. Traitor will be closely tied to president (who the traitor was same in both movies, though WHD had 2nd traitor)
6. There will be rockets on the roof
7. The SEALS will fail - with three helicopters
8. The vice Pres is TOAST
9. Hero has communication with outside
10. Secretary of State is calling the shots
11. Bad guys want nuke codes (though different reasons).
12. Quirkey hacker

Really. Really?

I did enjoy both - but seeing them back to back? yea, so similar. The only difference - OHF was LOT more violent. It lived up to that R with pretty large amount of death - violent death as well as some intense torture, where as WHD went more for the shot-em-off-screen violence, lets explode lots of stuff.

Rating: 4 stars


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