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Why oh why is January 'horror movie month'? Shouldn't these have been in Oct? Sooooo many horror flicks released in Jan that I have NO interest in seeing. So yea - long dry spell in movie watching :(

But Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters wasn't bad. More than a bit bloody - and a bit of tits for that R rating. But Jeremy Renner in tight black leather! even Shirtless! And my favorite - getting beat UP in tight black leather. Yum. Wait - you wanted plot - well, there is one, pretty simple. Lots of awesome steampunky type weapons, some side kicks, lots of evil witches to kill and really, no surprises. But for fantasy eye candy - not bad.

Not quite a B movie - but not an A either. If you can, go for non 3D.
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Okay, I have now seen the Hobbit 3 times. What, you doubted that I would?

- Imax 3d - HFR
- Imax 3d (normal FR)
- 2d

I enjoyed all versions, and really they all have their pros and cons.

2d - by far the easiest to watch. Very little blurryness (not as noticeable in 2d as in 3d), no eye strain, enjoyable.

Imax 3d (normal), pretty, but blurry at some of the more intense action bits and swift camera moves.

Imax 3d HFR - OMFG clear, no blurry in action or camera panning, eye strain, Rain fail bit. NZ is just stunning and so is Gollum. Downside - the sets stand out a little bit more - not as stunning as nature :) I didn't notice the makeup/costume comments some people said. But then, it was my first viewing and I was pretty involved in the movie. The only thing that really bugged me - the bit where it's raining when the party is leaving the Shire and you can obviously tell it's actors with wet hair riding between sheets of rain.

Verdit ... .... see them all? :) Different views for the mood really.
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Yes, I had a ticket to a midnight showing :) Like there was any doubt. By chance, and not because I was looking to - I ended up at a HFR Imax #d showing. It wasn't my intention actually. But I picked the theater close to home (so I wouldn't have a longer drive). I found out later it was showing in HFR. Several other IMAX's around were NOT. Oh well. I just jumped into the deep end. Worried that it would make me sick, I took one of my motion sickness pills - which helped.

Overall, Enjoyable movie. Loved Martin Freeman as Bilbo, Richard Armitage does a stunning Thorin, Gandalf was pretty amusing and Andy Serkis blows you away with Gollum. The dwarves were all individual and well done - and actually, easy to keep apart (even if one keeps forgetting their names) by their hairstyles. Good choice on that Jackson.

Despite critic's grumbling - I liked the prologue - you need that history which what the dwarves had been through to see why they are willing to risk so much to return home. NZ is BEAUTIFUL. Really. I've been there, and oh yea, you can TELL when it's filmed in NZ and what's filmed in 'sets'. Which... is one problem with the HFR. The sets look a little too polished/sparkling/flat. The CGI just isn't up to the HFR. I also enjoyed the White Council bit at Rivendell - and a more warrior acting Elrond!

Pros to HFR: NZ in all it's glory, Gollum who's so alive he all but leaps off the screen, very intense

Cons to HFR: Sets and costumes need to be up to a higher standard, the 'rain fail' scene, other CGI baddies are not up to Gollum's standards

I'll need to see the movie again in NON HFR to vote which way is the best - sneaky.

Easy vote - see it in a theater no matter which format you choose!
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1 Week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need more Hobbit icons.
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Wow. Intense, pretty and all out well acted. This is a Bond to not miss.

I really Love Judi Dench as M - and in this one, she has lot to do - so it's nice to see more of her. The new Q is cute (and young). The action is excellent, the stunts are awesome, the fights are more realistic, the acting is superb, and the Cinematography is just outstanding.

I also like the older/hurt/struggling trope - and in this Bond is struggling a little with being older and his prior experiences, so that is very refreshing to see.

Some very beautiful visuals - in both landscape and action. I want to see this movie again in a Imax screen - just to see the more intense visuals that screen type has.

Also, the trailer is a TEASE! OMG! WHAT a tease. There are two bits in the trailer that make you think something else, when it's not quite what is going on in the actual movie. Good one. You sure fooled us all :)

God, I'm trying not to give spoilers but I want to talk about it! ARGH!

SEE IT! SEE IT! SEE IT! And if possible - spring for the Imax. It's worth it.

Worth it: OMG YES!
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Very entertaining and well done. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Great story, and not just for kids on this one. Kids will be entertained and adults will be nostalgic for old video games. It really goes for the message about valuing yourself, bullying and finding your own way in a good manner.

A definite must-see!
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Cute, amusing kid flick. Interesting enough for adults. LOTS of detail happening in background scenes. Simple plot.

Verdit: Kids will love it, adults won't be bored.
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Actually, quite enjoyed it.

Initially, I was a little wary, as I'm often more confused than satisfied with time-travel movies. Often they dwell too much on the paradox and trippyness to really just tell the story. This one, I liked. And that's because the movie starts out with a ten minute explanation of the time-travel and what's going on/history, then spends the rest of it on character development and how the younger and older versions of the main character, Joe, have different agendas - and why.

I LOVE Bruce Willis - and he's only gotten better as he ages. He so good at the 'over the hill but BAD ASS' with snappy comments and even better snappy commentary on what his younger self is doing (or failing to do). Joseph Gordon-Levitt does an excellent riff as a younger Bruce.

I really enjoyed the character development and the journeys the characters make. Some well done ... flashbacks/flashforwards. You'll keep changing you mind on which Joe to root for as both are pretty ruthless, but not without reasons. Some real questionable morality happening, but again, makes sense for the world as set up - and for the characters as you've watched them. The ending makes sense, and I didn't totally hate it.

Grade: A. Good, intense and yet thinky action flick.

Besides the violence, mild gore, gunbattles and drugs; If this was a fic, there are two warnings I feel a little important to some. I know someone I read (though I don't know if they read my LJ) has these. So, behind the cut - more detail on what I feel might be a little intense for some. I WILL give spoilers, so please be aware before you click.

spoilers/warnings )
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Good intense action flick with a smart female sidekick. A little slow in the first 20 minutes with ground work going on for the history of the 'project' and the reason for 'cleaning house' so to speak. Once the action gets going - intense and thrill a minute. I liked the action scenes - lots of chase type and fights with more than just guns but mixed and with lots going on. I liked Jeremy Renner a lot in this. He plays troubled secret agent very well, with a huge Vulnerability that make a lot of sense of his desperation to keep going.

Worth seeing - oh yes. Would be fine for rental/home. Great action/stunts, but would work on smaller screens.
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I liked it. A bit more for older teens/tweens than younger kids (and plenty for adults to be entertained with). As it deals a lot about bullying and being different and has some deeper elements than a typical kiddy movie. Our group was fine with it, but there were a lot of young kids in the audience, and they were pretty squirmy.

Worth seeing - yes. But fine to rent. It's not 'need a big screen' type of movie.
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Too much even for me. More like a gory horror rather than an action film. The only use for 3D - to show you how much the blood sprays when bullets hit - IN SLOW MO!. Ugh. Not worth it. VERY, VERY Gory. So gory and over the top with violence, I think it should have been NC-17 rather than R. And as for plot - it had a video game plot (and was short): met partner, go into 'housing project', have gun battle, blow shit up, kill people (dudes with guns), gang leader is violent in return, more blowing shit up, traitors show up, take out gang leader, walk out of project. Yea. That was the film. Really.

I forgot to leave my brain at home. And I think even during tax time this would have been a WTF movie.

Grade: D
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Got a little behind on my movie reviews - so lets start up again :)

Total Recall

I enjoyed it - quite a bit.

The good: A good action flick, some pretty snazzy cgi, great distopic society and the best car chase I've seen in quite a while.

The bad: The original Arnold version had a deeper plot, fuzzy science (which I ignored, it's an action flick!), bladerunner rain (in that, hey, it's the future it's hell, it always rains in the slums!)

Let me just say - the art director/cgi lead - I love you. There is some really cool tech/future society/distopic living conditions. All the cgi/buildings/backgrounds was just amazing - all the stuff, the cool ideas, some darn cool tech, some wild elevators & freeways, the computer effects people were doing - awesome!

Worth seeing: Yes. Darn good action flick. I want to see it again for all the tech stuff/details.

I talk more in depth about plot type spoilers! )

Avengers x2

May. 5th, 2012 10:16 pm
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Oh yea, just as good the second time around :)

Also, seeing it on a more relaxed Sat - instead of opening night with all the local crazy geeks - I was actually able to hear more of the movie. We were all laughing too hard Friday night on some of the lines :)
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There is only one word for this movie:


*continues to make dolphin noises till I scare cats*

OMGOMGOMG! I want to see it again (and again, and again)! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: Ironman Icon!!! Whee!
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My FList is awesome! I didn't know about this! Hey! [ profile] hotmarscube & [ profile] doll_paparazzi Aardman Animations "The Pirates! Band of Misfits/In an Adventure with Scientists!"
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[ profile] hotmarscube wanted to see the movie 'Drive' because it got "good" reviews.



Well, now I know what the critic was on - and it wasn't excitement from seeing the movie. Let's put it this way - arthouse 'action' movies SUCK ROCKS. Slow car chases (including lots of hiding and looking 'normal'), 80's slow music and lots and lots and LOTS of long non-conversations consisting of few words and longing looks. Uhg. No explosions, only two rolled cars and 'slow' chases (of which there were not that many). Oh lots of cursing and violence as well as some gratuitous naked boobs.

Give me a testosterone fulled, blow 'em up action movie any time!
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OMGOMGOMG I finally saw the Sherlock Holmes 2 trailer. I want that movie NOWNOWNOW!!!!!!!!!!! I have to wait till December? *whine*
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Woah. Intense. Very, very, very intense. Also, action, action, angst, action, angst... whoo!

#7 and #3 were my favorite of the books, with #7 having a slight lead due to the ANGST. I like the later half of book 7 - because Harry finally grows a spine and they get a clue and stop the aimless wandering. Since this movie is all of them DOING something its great. Also the movie cuts down on some of the slow bits of the later half - montages are so great at doing the info faster instead of lots and lots of words. :)

I liked the movie except for one change, which I really wish they had not changed. And I even cried at one point.

Worth seeing: oh yea. I think I need to see it again.

I talk about it more - if you want to know, though it won't spoil anyone who's read the books )
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I don't own a blu-ray player, so I wasn't lining up for another version of the LOTR DVD's. I already own two - the original and the extended. *sigh* Hey - it's not as many times as I own the SW original trilogy ..... (I think the count is at 6)

However in reading this article Fans Line Up for 'Lord of the Rings' Blu-ray

This line leapt out at me:
"That may seem like commitment, but Nicole Roberts had them all beat. The Texas native, dressed as a Balrog Showgirl, took home the prize of the night: an all-expense-paid “Lord of the Rings” trip to New Zealand. "

I KNOW that crazy fan!!!! LOL!! I MIGHT have seen that costume too (or an early version of it). I actually met Nicole in New Zealand on the LOTR tour I did in 2003. Since the tour she moved to LA and got involved with a costume group. I usually see her at the SD Comic Con masquerade - which her group has won numerous times.

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Enjoyable. The whole beginning is a riff off any Bond opening (especially Goldeneye) before the credits. The funny thing - I could identify the 'evil' cars right away by the make. I mean - gremlins and pacers?!?!?! And even the european lemons - from watching Top Gear. Don't laugh too hard - I've driven a pacer. And wrecked it too. They don't drive too well with the flywheel driven up into the engine. Who knew?

What I liked: the Bond jokes, the intensely re-worked landscapes to fit into this world, the well drawn cars - which I could recognize and place! The lemon jokes

What I disliked: too much Mater. *sigh* Actually, this movie has the exact same problem as Pirates 4. Side character made into main and just doesn't quite pull it off. Mater wasn't bad.... I just wanted less of him (and more of the bond cars or hell, more Lightening).

I spent most of the movie giggling on the bond spoofs or the cars to pay much attention to plot. If you like cars or bond films, you'll enjoy, if you don't - you might be a little bored. See- the 1st movie I was laughing my ass off at Radiator Springs and the Route 66 puns and the desert and the roads and Mater's junk yard because it was what I grew up in. This one, not as amusing in this way - but amusing in the lemons and bond jokes.


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