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And the car thinks I'm not paying it enough attention. As if the tires it needs were not enough. It decided to hit me up for MORE attention this morning.

It's a friday. My co-worker is off and we are expecting a delivery, so I can't be late. And the car is like - hey, I won't start. That'll teach you! *facepalm*

I have AAA, but didn't have the 45+ minutes to wait for them to find my place (not an easy task), but I managed to find someone close and talked them into giving me a jump - which turned into TWO jumps. Yea, it was that dead. Traffic was flowing so I ALMOST made the mechanic. Too many stoplights and there's me, pushing my car out of an intersection *facepalm, again*. My car is light, the intersection was not busy (thank goodness!). I only had a few blocks to walk to the mechanic. Luckily he took my 'here's the keys, there's the car, put in a battery' without a blink as I then hussled the mile or so to work. Hey, got my excercise in.

I was late, but did not miss the delivery, so that's good. I guess I can look at surprise excercise as a plus, though I could have done without the panicking - and the additional expense in this month. And you know car, a little warning would have been nice! I do take the 'I want a battery now' slow starts seriously. Really.
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Not only did my car want attention, but after my co-worker picked me up this morning and we got into the office, her husband called and said HIS truck would not start. It ended up being towed to their mechanic, where it was the Fuel pump+fuel line. Total damage was $1,000!! Ouch! My co-workers husband called in the afternoon and said it 'was all my fault'. LOL! (me and him joke all the time - and he's also a SGA fan)

So yes, today was the day car mechanics made money from us.
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And especially evil when they know you've been BAD at the SGA auction.

Mine needed its annual tune-up and this year the smog test for DMV registration due next month. Guess what - it not only needed a FULL tune-up with all fluids changed but also =FOUR= new tires. *ARGH!!!!*

The only good thing is it passed the smog easily with no new smog parts needed. *sigh*


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