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Working like a dog 6 days a week, 11 hours a day. It's 'tax time', our busy, busy, OMG time of year when we all work like crazy (boss and co-workers in the same boat). Ugh. So, no I'm not dead, no I'm not ignoring everyone, I'm just too tired and stressed to think.

Also my laptop decided it hates the new 'update' software for the internet USB, so I've been stuck using the older, 'base' computer at my desk.. and sitting in my desk chair. Not as fun as slouching on the bed. Also, my cats HATE it. They prefer to be sprawled across my feet. Cleo is currenly sulking under the chair and Eowyn keeps walking across the keyboard.

I have a whole bunch of long stories I look forward to reading when I can think straight. You all are wonderful.

Here, have a kitty pic!

My scaredy-cat Eowyn, aka "invisi cat" to my mom. She's always like 'you sure you have two cats?' Yea mom.
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And where has the old one gone! Yikes.

I hope everyone had a safe and cheerful holiday season and ate lots and lots of the bad sugary stuff so that we can all be good now that the new year is here.

I had a nice time, spent time with family, took some days off work, slept, shopped, baked cookies and ATE way too many of the aforementioned cookies! Yea, it's gym time for this new year. Also attended some holidays parties - and there were even presents! Whee!

Here's an awesome one - a kitty pic for me! Cleo is every so happy - and Eowyn is jealous!

"Cleopatra's Belly" by [ profile] lordgloria

[ profile] lordgloria takes commissions! So if you are hankering for a pet pic (or other pic) hop on over and check out her LJ!
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I'm back from Worldcon in Reno, so soon after Comic Con. I know I've been kind of quiet and now I'm way, way, way behind in LJ. So - here's a cat pic! :) Cleo was not happy with all the packing and tried to pack herself to Reno. Which would have made Eowyn's day. I'm sure if she could have packed Cleo she would have helped.


Worldcon was a lot of fun and I never really got out of the convention center to see any of Reno. I did go to a number of panels, went to several author kaffleklatches, even more autograph signings (much shorter lines than comic con!), played a LOTR slot machine (won .10 cents - lost $2.00) and spent my spending money for the con in the first 10 minutes of the dealers room the first day by getting a steampunkish outfit, attended the Girl Genius ball, enjoyed the masquerade and had a blast hanging out with my sister and her hubby & munchkin. Let's do it all again sometime!
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what could be better than kitty belly to pet?

I would have offered more pics of sun and flowers... but by the time I got home, it was dark and the flowers are hiding. Cleo said next best thing to offer was cats, so here you go.

To all those freezing assets off - stay safe and warm!

Kitty pic!

Jan. 26th, 2011 10:17 pm
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Had to share - cats being cute. Eowyn actually within "touching" distance of Cleo. Of course, the hissing returned right after I snapped the pic.

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Why is that cat is doing something so CUTE, you reach for camera ..... and cat is no longer sprawled on back/looking at bug/batting tail/etc but in your face going 'for me? Oh for me? Oh please!'

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Yes, yes, I got a new kitty...uhm... months ago? I know, I'm bad.

Around the end of March, Eowyn was driving me crazy by her moping and crying, so I gave in a checked the shelters and pet store rescue kitties for a kitty that called to me. I wasn't looking for a kitten, but I wanted young female. After looking for 2 weeks, I tried a different petstore with my friend, and going to look at a kitties one came up to me and practically jumped in my lap. Surprised the two rescue workers, who called her stand-offish. She played gently, purred and wanted to be held with no struggling. Yea, she wanted to go home, that's for sure.

So, meet Cleo. She's about year and a half, medium hair and LOVES people. Anyone who comes to the door gets greeted and demanded for belly rubs. My mom loves her. Eowyn =HATES= her. *sigh* It's kitty warfare all over the attic. At least she's not lonely.



She's got FUZZY FEET! She really needed a hobbit name... but none fit her. Right now she's pissed at me for giving her the monthly flea medication.
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Born - April 7, 1993, passed Feb 28, 2010

February has been a hard month for me. I took Kethry in to the vet at the beginning of the month, and he gave me the bad news that her kidneys were in the final failing stage and all we could do was make her comfortable. So, several weeks of fluids and forcefeeding she had a seizure today, then got weaker and weaker till I took her in, crying all the way.

Kethry was mine since the moment she was born. I told my mom I was moving into a place and planning to get a kitten. The next day she calls me 'I have a cat for you' I was like huh? I was thinking of picking out my own kitten (I wanted a grey tabby) and I wasn't going to move for a month yet! I agreed, not wanting to let my mom down, and I'm glad I did. She was the best cat - friendly, playful and loving.

She was born at the nursery near home, where my mom worked years ago to the nursery cat. The mom cat had 4 kittens: 2 yellow tabbies and two brown tabbies. I got first choice. I picked out the darker of the brown tabbies. And the nursery owner wanted the kittens picked up at 6 weeks, so the day after I moved into my new place, I'm running around picking up all necessary kitty supplies and getting Kethry. Since they had all been handled a LOT at the nursery, Kethry was very friendly. Though it took me a week to decide what I was going to name her *grin*
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day 06 → whatever tickles your fancy

CAT PICS! The world just needs more care pics :)


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Nothing says Christmas like a kitty-in-a-box. Here Eowyn says I don't need to do any wrapping, and that all boxes are HERS! :)

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Eowyn claims she is not responsible for all the unrest and rumors on LJ. I'm not sure I believe her. After all, she has access to my laptop all day long......
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Last minute frantic packing.... which I was working on.. now I'm goofing off. The cats attempted to help. All that fresh laundry - didn't smell like cat after all. So they had to sprawl all over my piles as I tried to figure out what I wanted to wear next week. I'm really bad at this. I can never decide, and usually end up taking WAY more than I need.

Just doing my duty to spam flist with cat pics :)
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There should always be lots of cat pics. I am doing my duty to add a post to my Flist that is not about capslock screaming about Torchwood.

Eowyn says "what is this Torchwood that you speak of..."

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OMG! I'm not kidding, bugs EVERYWHERE! I came home friday to a swarm of earwigs across the porch. So it was me and a can of raid freaking out and spraying the porch, rail and house at 1am.

Tonight a bug crawled on Eowyn and she did this funky dance and freaked out trying to knock the bug off - much like my bug dance. I'm like you're a CAT, EAT the bug. And she's like, 'get if off me! It's icky!'. I ended up having to knock the bug off her. *shudder* The things I do for my cats.

Tomorrow, I'm sure they will not be happy with me when stuck in kitty carriers while the house is sprayed.
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Yea, thanks cats. *sigh* My nice, new, CLEAN, mattress. Now decorated with cat throw-up. It was laundry day, and I stripped the bed, but wasn't in any hurry to remake it.... only to notice HOURS later dried, stained, cat mess. Great.
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The alarm clock is winning. I didn't hear it this morning, and work up at the time I was supposto be at work, so missed my chiropractor appt, drat! *sigh* According to my body, it was the time I was supposto be getting up if the time was right instead of 'leapt forward'. Curses alarm clock some more. No, I wasn't in any trouble, as the boss isn't a morning person. Hell, he'd rather I'd be there at 7pm than 9am, but =I= don't want to be there at 7pm.. which considering this week and the next month..... sigh.... Advantages I suppose for working for a night owl.

Here, have some kitty pics!

This is Eowyn telling me that she doesn't think the laptop should be in my lap, and made sure to push her way into my lap. It's very hard to type with kitty in lap who's made sure to push the lapdesk out of her way.

more kitty pics )
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Happy Valentines Day to my FL!

Here's some kitty and SGA action figure pictures to celebrate! :) SGA wave 3 is FINALLY out, so I dashed off to my local comic book store to pick up mine.

Here Eowyn says she likes the box - of course

And here Eowyn fights Kethry for Ronon.

Garrison Uniform John Sheppard comes with: Drone, P90, ZPM, GDO and ancient scanner. He's got the straps around his leg for the gun holster - but no holster! Looks sort of silly, they should have either had the holster or left off the straps! but he's never without the gun, so..

Col. Samantha Carter: ZPM, GDO, P90, touch screen computer and side of ancient chair

Wraith Drone: Wraith stunner, large wraith stunner, wraith pokey thing, Asguard controller stone (?!) and seat of Ancient Chair

Ronon Dex: P90, small knife, his gun, stick, GDO and back of ancient chair

Dr. Jennifer Keller: Laptop (rodney is upset. He wanted the laptop!), two ancient scanner things and side of ancient chair
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Eowyn was being adorable, curled in a ball in her current favorite sleeping spot, paws over her nose, back legs tucked that I just HAD to get a pic. Of course, this is what I got....

Eowyn glaring

Kitty glares. ::sigh:: Never fails - cute pic, move quietly for camera, kitty moves.


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