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Big panel day for me. I got down there early, though not as early I was was attempting (stupid trolley). However, it was early enough to squeak into the end of the line for Hall H before they split it off across the street.

I had Glee first - then Supernatural, and I stayed for the Dr. Who panel, which was amusing. Most of those in line with me where huge Dr. Who fans (one girl dressed as Amy - and really looked like her! Another as a Dalek) attempting to get in before their panel. I was really far back in the room - and at an angle to the screens, so no pics. But I enjoyed the panels - well .. except for the Glee 3-D thing - which is about Glee fans gushing about how much they love/live like the characters - IN 3-D?!? uhg. No.

After the Dr. Who panel the entire room emptied- and wow - what a huge jam of people! Then I hit the dealers room for last minute swag gathering - like the publishing booths - which give away their 'display' books on the last day (I managed a few). I also attempted to get the Supernatural swag - and that took me hours - but I FINALLY got one - just as the dealers room closed.

Then I was STARVING, so off to Cafe Diem for lunch/dinner and trolley home. Another con over *sniff*

Swag - Sun: 1 rubber bracelet, 1 lanyard w/sharpie, 5 buttons, 5 books, 1 comic, handful of NCIS LA postcards, BBT rocks, Supernatural salt shaker

I was, unfortunately, a little too close here to get the whole effect.

My photo taking kind of dropped off on the last day - so not too many.
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