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Yes, the annual trial of exhaustion is over - and I've spent the last few days dragging myself back to work. *bleah*

San Diego Comic Con was tons of fun... but WAY too many lines. And they get longer and longer and longer each year :( I made out with the booksellers area - but by constant hovering. There were giveaways for lots of Young Adult books - which I have to look through and see which ones I want and which I'll pass along to other friends. I had utterly NO luck in the movie/TV studio area with any giveaways. The lines would form instantly - at the same time as security guards were yelling at you to MOVE ALONG. *pouts* So, there were several things I've found out were given out by searching Ebay.

I got into most of the panels I wanted to - but dint of much line standing and loss of sleep. One I failed at - even with getting up way early. Oh well. I was almost glad Hobbit wasn't here this year. That would have been campout for sure. As Hall H, I found out to my dismay, that you only got in by at camping out. I got in line at 5:30AM and still did not get into Hall H for my panel. Too many Whovanians to fight against.

The only bright spot - I got a snazzy new smart phone - and I was burning up the Wi-Fi while line standing - and also taking and posting some pictures.

Some pictures I posted from Con are here:
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And the final day - Sunday.

I, again, had to get up early and get down to the con to attempt to get into Hall H. The panels were Fringe, Supernatural and Dr. Who. I managed to make my target time, got into a long, long, LONG ASS line that wrapped around the park quite aways behind the convention center. Ugh. I wanted to see the Supernatural panel - but not enough to sleep over for it. When the line compacted, I moved up enough so that I knew I'd make it in, so I stuck it out in line. And I did get in - half-way through the Fringe panel in one of the last groups.

I didn't take any photos - we were WAY in the back and to the side. I tried a few pictures of the huge screens (we could see the screens easily) but they just didn't come out. No biggie. I enjoyed the panels - and scored a Fringe Hat as swag too.

After the Dr. Who panel - time for a last dealers room crawl to score some more books and try again at WB for anything on the Hobbit. I didn't take many pictures - though I saw a number of nice Dr. Who inspired ones.

one of the 6 batmobiles (outside con). I like the sleek lines of this one

a few final pictures )
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Saturday - or all day in Hall H

We had a good spot in line for our overnight, and I was too excited to sleep much, and it got so light early, but the night was nice and not too cold and it went quickly. Morning we packed up, the line condensed and more waiting.

There were two panels before the WB panel -
- Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained - looked liked it would be visually interesting, which is about what one expects from Tarantino.
- Open Road Films: End of Watch and Silent Hill: Revelations 3D - yea, you can guess when my bathroom break was!

Then finally the Warner Bros panel!! WB went all out with adding extra screens to the room - which they took advantage of during the presentations. WB panel was a block about 3 hours long which was promoting a number of movies: Pacific Rim, Man of Steel (Superman), Hobbit, a new Will Farrel comedy and a teaser trailer for a new Godzilla.

WB panel & pictures )
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Friday - Dealers room all day!! I hit the booksellers HARD and got a huge haul, went through some of the big studio lines and got buttons, posters, stuff bags, lanyards and 1 t-shirt.

When the dealers room closed - I headed over to camp out overnight in the Hall H line. Yes, I was a crazy person. Luckily I talked [ profile] hotmarscube into being crazy with me :) I wanted good seats for the Hobbit panel.

Dealers room floor - Crazy crowds!

some more pics )
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Thursday, or the 1st day of the con I dressed up as a hobbit for the TORN panel & photo shoot. I did see the pic online - but now I can't find it. But I WAS there! I got to the con fairly earlyish (8:00 or so) to get in line for the TORN panel. Long line, but no problem getting into the panel. Then the photo shoot - then into another line for Ballroom 20. HUGE ASS LINE, but as the room was empty still, and I knew my place, I was getting in, just had to wait. That was for the Psych, Beauty & the Beast and Elementary panels. I'm not a huge fan of Psych, though I've watched a few, but I wanted the two panels after, so it meant getting into the room early.

Beauty & the Beast and Elementary are two new fall shows, in which they were showing the entire pilot episode and having a small Q&A with the stars. I was curious about both shows so I wanted to see the pilot. Both looked decent and I'm going to give them a shot. I'm more interested in the Beauty & the Beast - moody, ex-military, scared .. check, check, check on all MY favs for guy angst!! Elementary looked at least to be much different from BBC Sherlock (which I LOVE), so I'm glad for that. I DO like Lucy Liu, so I'm going to watch and see. I do hope they don't copy the BBC show - but they have room to keep it different, so we'll see.

After the panels - it was time for the dealers room!! Whee! More books and haunting the book isles for freebies. I was also attempting to play the San Diego Comic-Con Bingo game (I uploaded the game board to my Tumblr - see it there). It was a lot of fun. I managed to take some shots with my tablet and upload, others I took with my camera (and are here). I almost got a black out - but the problem was actually getting the photo! When you are running one way, and the person is running the other - it's hard to stop and take a photo! ARGH! I saw so many I would have Liked to get a photo of, but they were like: eating or getting food, going into a panel, in a line going the other way, in a huge crowd were I couldn't stop, or my camera flipped out (like on the excellent Nick Fury for the 'eyepatch' square - I got a white screen) *sigh*

What I did NOT see on the Bingo: Lou Ferrigno (he was there, a friend actually saw him signing autographs when she went by), muppet (a different friend saw someone in an Elmo costume - no really!), Jawa (surprisingly! There must have been one!), Naruto (lots of anime, but I didn't see that headband thing myself), Stan Lee (in person, though I did see pics for people to pick up taken with him earlier in the day)

Cute costumes!
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Comic Con is always a supreme test of stamina and not for those who can't deal with crowds. Because Hooboy are there crowds and lines and more lines.

Wed night was preview night - 3 hours to check out the dealers room floor to see what big exhibits the studios were going to dazzle us with this year - to check out those deals early and see what possible promos there were. I snagged a number of photos, spent money on Hobbit jewelry and got a number of free books from haunting the book sellers isles. They had to kick me out when time came. :)

Warner Bros. re-designed their booth this year (it had been the same for several years). The front had a more 'studio' look with huge screens, while the back was all Hobbit - with huge 3D posters of the 12 dwarves, Galadriel, Gandalf, Gollum and Bilbo. Video of the posters To get a good look at the posters, take a look at the TORN vid. I tried to get pictures, but since they were moving 3D pictures, it was hard to actually make them look good in a still photo!

Weta's trolls - and they also had a huge amount of Hobbit props at their booth I was drooling over. They were on the corner of the booth, at the isle... across from the Walking Dead exhibit. It was a HUGE bottleneck - and almost impossible to get close and get a photo of the trolls without getting a lot of people. I never got a shot with me posing with the trolls :(

also at Weta booth.

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Wow - am I exhausted! It was fun and all, but nothing like being cursed by the monthly yuck the 1st day of con to sap one's energy!

I got into the panels I wanted by way of much planning (and little sleep), saw some amazing costumes, snagged swag, snapped pictures and attempted to load pics via instagram. I'll get better with using the tablet - and on Sat, it was running low of charge, so no more from the Hall H panels (I got lots of my cameras).

Hall H on Sat was a ton of fun. has a full recording and write up of the hobbit panel (minus the video WB showed - amazing!!!!!). I suggest you all run over and take a look if you want to see the panel discussion :)

Pacific Rim with Guillermo del Toro looks to be mind blowing. Giant Mechas fight giant monsters. He had some stunning scenes - and just.... wow.

And then Iron Man 3 panel. Wow again. Marvel has some really awesome footage to show. And Robert Downey Jr. ... Let me just say - just watch this vid. The man makes an entrance - with his own music.

I was within 2 feet of RDJ. Our seats were on the corner of an isle. So in the Vid, when he turns the corner, that's where we were.

I have over 400 pictures to go through, so I'll try to post some later today.
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I seem to be working backward. Torri & Jason were the final Stargate guests on Sunday in LA.

Jason had some amusing stories about the stunt work he's done - and that horses still hate him and try to kill him. His major injuries have come from horse related stunts. He also said that it was MUCH more lax in Bulgaria, in that 'oh sure, do that' way. Where as in hollywood they are like 'oh my god, no, where's the stuntman!' One stunt he didn't want to do (a fall/slide off a 'cliff' into a pit (where stunt guys would catch him that sounded very scary) he had to do anyway.

He talked about Game of Thrones and learning Dothraki - which involved a bottle of whiskey, and locking himself in his hotel room. LOL. He also talked about doing the Haka for his audition (I had already heard that). And he spoke some Dothraki for us too. He also joked that the main producer? kept trying to get him naked in Game of Thrones - so he played a joke and wore a pink 'sock' over his junk.

more pics! )
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Oh my - so many pictures to go through! I'm working on them - but I iz slow! :) And I didn't have someone to take notes.. so... uhm.. here's some pictures? I actually got a large number of good ones of most actors - small con and super seats!

It's been several years since I've seen Torri at a con. She chatted some about working on NCIS and had an interesting story about Mark Harmon - how when she got on the NCIS set he just showed up when she was in the makeup trailer and 'chatted' with her about nothing in particular. She said later - when she realized who it was, that it was something he did to make sure that no divas stayed on set. That he promoted and worked for a family/close set.

She was cornered by a determined Sparky fan and basically said she is all for the flirting - and John sure was pretty! But didn't see more because 1) she was his boss, 2) she was all for the UST tension in shows rather than the romance and 3) John also flirted just as much with Rodney. LOL.

She didn't bring her dog, though she talked about him and she was in a super chatty mood, being very slow with autographs and talking to each fan. Since this is a much smaller con - being slow didn't mean all that long a wait.

more pics! )
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Big panel day for me. I got down there early, though not as early I was was attempting (stupid trolley). However, it was early enough to squeak into the end of the line for Hall H before they split it off across the street.

I had Glee first - then Supernatural, and I stayed for the Dr. Who panel, which was amusing. Most of those in line with me where huge Dr. Who fans (one girl dressed as Amy - and really looked like her! Another as a Dalek) attempting to get in before their panel. I was really far back in the room - and at an angle to the screens, so no pics. But I enjoyed the panels - well .. except for the Glee 3-D thing - which is about Glee fans gushing about how much they love/live like the characters - IN 3-D?!? uhg. No.

After the Dr. Who panel the entire room emptied- and wow - what a huge jam of people! Then I hit the dealers room for last minute swag gathering - like the publishing booths - which give away their 'display' books on the last day (I managed a few). I also attempted to get the Supernatural swag - and that took me hours - but I FINALLY got one - just as the dealers room closed.

Then I was STARVING, so off to Cafe Diem for lunch/dinner and trolley home. Another con over *sniff*

Swag - Sun: 1 rubber bracelet, 1 lanyard w/sharpie, 5 buttons, 5 books, 1 comic, handful of NCIS LA postcards, BBT rocks, Supernatural salt shaker

I was, unfortunately, a little too close here to get the whole effect.

My photo taking kind of dropped off on the last day - so not too many.
a few more )
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Saturday I had already planned to be a big book signing day - so I spent most of the day going back and forth and lines at the Mysterious Galaxy booth and others. I got a free book at some of the signings, and brought some from home. Another day in which my shoulder was killing me (and my feet!).

We had no luck in chasing down the Cowboys & Aliens 'gold boxes', so no premier movie for us. I had still wanted to go over and check out the crazyness at the Civic center..... but none of my pals were interested. So, instead we had dinner at Cafe Diem and then went to the Masquerade - which was a lot smaller (and the room didn't fill), so I think the Sat parties - and the premier - pulled a lot of people away.

Swag - Sat: 1 flashing Lightblub (same style/different place), 2 air-freshners, 1 book sampler, 1 cd book sampler, 2 newsprint papers, 1 catalog, 3 bags (super nice ones), 1 Big Bang Theory game, 5 rubber bracelets (ST), 3 lanyards (2 w/ sharpies), 1 pen, 6 buttons, 1 coin purse, 9 books, 1 t-shirt (chuck), 1 water bottle (vampire diaries)

a few more pictures )
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We had planned for Friday to be our big panel day with Big Bang Theory, Bones, Eureka & Warehouse 13 in one room. However that plan was blown when Bones was cancelled :( Timing just didn't work out then - and it would mean a lot of panel sitting for the kid in our group when what she wanted to see was cancelled. Instead we ended up doing the Sid & Marty Kroftt panel and then hitting the dealers room and wandering around for the day. We had thought about going back up and trying to get in later for Eureka & W13 - but the line was long since after W13 it was True Blood... so needless to say - no chance.

After the dealers room closed, we got a quick Subway dinner and headed for the Syfy screening of Eureka & Haven. Before the Syfy screening was the 'Klingon Lifestyles' panel - which is pretty strange fan done skit that we've been calling 'Klingon Situational Comedy', but it made the room easy to get into and they keep the skit short - so win/win.

Swag - Fri: 1 t-shirt (Dresden !!), 1 book, 3 bags, 2 lanyards, 1 patch, 1 comic, 2 Kre-o's (transformer lego), 2 air-fresheners, 4 dogtags, 18 buttons, 4 book samplers, 3 posters, 5 magazines, 1 flashing lightblub, (coolest toy ever!), 1 poster tube, large handful of postcards, flyers, cards & bookmarks

Marvel's booth this year – Big Avengers promo (last year it was Odin's throne). Here's some fans posing.

more pictures )
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Comic Con 2011 day 1 - Thur

I got there early to attempt to get registration for next year for my sister and nephew. Let's just say I failed really, really badly, and was in a horrendous line for 2 1/2 hours and it was sold out before I even got in sight of the front of the line. Here I thought 7 am on the 1st day was an early time. HA! :( I really don't think much of this new way of doing the registration. It sucks. They want to hold memberships back for the 'general public', but what about those of us that go? Instead they make it harder to get for those fans who ARE attending.

After that line failure, I headed up to see if the autograph lottery was still going on for Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs and to stand in more lines. Here I lucked out, as the lottery had been delayed, and I was successful in pulling autograph tickets.

A little time in the dealers room, back up for autograph lines. Made two book panels - 'Magic & Monsters' and 'No Damels in Distress here'. I wasn't too impressed by the Magic & Monsters one - not only bad sound, but not a very interesting talk. However the No Damels one was a lot of fun with talkative and interesting authors. I went to the signing for the No Damels panel - as I wanted to catch one author, and ended up with a free book from an author who I thought was interesting in the panel (her book will be out in Nov). By now, my shoulder was killing me from carrying around all those books (and buying more!) for the day. ugh.

Final dealers room crawl before it closed, then dinner and home.

Swag - wed night: 5 book samplers, button, handful of various postcards, 2 foam swords, X-men t-shirt (got when pre-ordering the DVD), bookmarks, SW fan

Swag - Thur: 2 books, 6 lanyards (w/sharpies), NCIS:LA phone skin, 3 bags, SW fan, comic, 3 coin purses, 1 temp tattoo, 5 buttons, 3 book samplers, various postcards and bookmarks

Conan booth babes!! They were handing out posters and such - there were several of them. Jason you've done well! :) I asked her to pose with the screen. I missed Jason's panels and autographing but I wish him super success and plan to see Conan.

more pictures )
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And I am sad, and taking the day to go over loot, sleep in and spend time with kitties (who think they have been abandoned). You know it's been a good con when the day following you ache all over and want to spend the day sleeping.

More reports and pictures to follow. Here's the first thing I saw when arriving at the con on thur morning. One of many Dalek's that I saw over the con.

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Ben Browder was on stage on Sunday in the Farscape side. He's always fun to listen to. He talked about that they were still working on possible more for Farscape... but it was still just 'in talks'. Unfortunately.


more pics of Ben! )
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more Joe! )
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Michael Shanks said he was just filming on Smallville till very, very late, and he looked pretty tired! He talked about his continuing fight with the raccoons in his yard. Extremely BOLD raccoons, who even when shot with a pellet gun, still didn't run! Which lead to a long story with multiple expressions and jumping up and down.

He also talked about that they have made Hawkman's wings as digital now - instead of having to deal with the 'real' ones and a puppeteer. As well as the high cost of the helmet and how he worried about breaking it. And demonstrated how doing fights in a breastplate made for some extremely awkward movements.

Someone asked what prop he wanted to take and what he did take. He said what he REALLY wanted and asked for, he didn't get to take - which was Daniel's journal. He was surprised to find it sold with the other props. A fan had it and brought it to the con - someone I KNOW - so I got to hold it! *whee!* Michael borrowed it and showed it to everyone and talked about it - how it was originally Ernest's Journal, so had some scribbled pages written by a prop guy - some pretty funny lines. Later it was used as Daniel's journal, so had stuff written about translations and language and such - also written by a prop guy. He said he doodled in it and wrote some of his lines in it. So anytime Daniel is looking down at his journal in a scene and talking... that's Michael using it as a cheat sheet :) He continued that what he DID take was his outfit from the last day of filming - and wears the pants gardening, and Hammond's red phone - which his kids play with.


Michael reading a choice line from Daniel's journal.

more pics )
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I hopped over to the Whedon Con (Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Firefly) to see a few of the stars.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was very impressed by Eliza Dushku. She's extremely well spoken - and gives you 5 minute answers to almost all questions. She reminds me a lot of Joe in how she talks and is very thoughtful. It's probably from having educators as parents and traveling the world and seeing a lot of the worst humanity can do to one another.

She talked about how she got into acting - at 9 she wanted to go to a casting call, her mother was less impressed - and was busy. When her mom did not show up to take her, Eliza turned to her big brother and DEMANDED he take her to the audition. Luckily, it wasn't that far away, and she knew where it was. She went as she was - filthy, in torn clothes, because she was NINE and didn't know better, didn't have anyone to have her get ready, or even realized she had to change! She got there to find a room full of made up 'princess' in fancy poofy white/pink dresses, curled hair, bows, etc, etc. She was horrified and was about ready to turn and run, when her brother told her 'YOU wanted to come. YOU will stay and go through with it! It doesn't matter what anyone else does!' To make a long story short, she did, and she got the part. And that's probably a huge reason she gets the 'tough girl' rolls to this day.


Sean Maher (Simon/firefly) is very petty... but either a little shell shocked or a slow thinker. His response to every question was 'that's a good question. Uhm. I need to think about that....' and would fall silent for several moments and not really come up with much. Oh well, he's pretty!


I also caught a little of Morena Baccarin's talk. She told some horror stories of fans that made me cringe. I wanted to get up and apologize for all of the idiots at Comic Con. Someone asked her of her best and worst fan experience she had (a good question actually. I wish I had heard it earlier/that this person had asked it in the Stargate area). Her best is coming to cons and chatting with fans who give her respect in return. I had gotten an autograph by her earlier (on an Adira pic) and she chatted with everyone and wrote little comments on every picture. Her worst... basically she was given attitude - pretty unpleasant attitude when she was in a hurry and late and had told the fan, 'not right now, catch me later' and he KEPT IT UP till he basically bullied her into it. *facepalm* She's pretty amusing and busy right now with filming on V. I didn't take any pics. I was pretty far back because I came in so late.

more of Sean & Eliza )
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Christopher Heyerdahl and Andee Frizzell were on the stage at different times, so they each had plenty of time to chat. Both have extremely expressive faces and can do some totally funky faces. Mostly while moving - so all my pictures of those came out on the blurry side. You can see where producers pick them for the 'makeup' roles. If you have an expressive face, you can get past the make up. Otherwise that much makeup would just turn one into a model with little to no expression.

Christopher is all shaved because he JUST finished filming. Though he said he STILL had like 1 hour in makeup when playing Jack-the-ripper in Sanctuary and talked about how they spent all this time 'dabbing' like three different colors of makeup on his shaved head, as well as shaving it even closer.

I had a few of Andee with some pretty wild expressions, but I think I've already given her friend fodder with the bacon pic :)

If you're at a con and they are speaking do stay to listen to them. Both are extremely funny and amusing to listen to.


more of Chris & Andee )
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Joe's panel was a nice and long talk - and yes, someone commented - the lights were up the whole time - which was super nice. My pics are still a little on the yellow side, but that's just the super bad lighting. Joe would walk from side to side of the stage and lean then walk to the chair and lean on it, then walk around behind it... and on. So, I have lots of pics of him leaning.

BTW - Joe did not write anything funny on the banners (bummer) in response. I did get pictures of the other two though.

I know you are all waiting for these... so here's some of the many I took, formatted and uploaded :)


I'm not teasing - here's some more.... )


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