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Okay, I have now seen the Hobbit 3 times. What, you doubted that I would?

- Imax 3d - HFR
- Imax 3d (normal FR)
- 2d

I enjoyed all versions, and really they all have their pros and cons.

2d - by far the easiest to watch. Very little blurryness (not as noticeable in 2d as in 3d), no eye strain, enjoyable.

Imax 3d (normal), pretty, but blurry at some of the more intense action bits and swift camera moves.

Imax 3d HFR - OMFG clear, no blurry in action or camera panning, eye strain, Rain fail bit. NZ is just stunning and so is Gollum. Downside - the sets stand out a little bit more - not as stunning as nature :) I didn't notice the makeup/costume comments some people said. But then, it was my first viewing and I was pretty involved in the movie. The only thing that really bugged me - the bit where it's raining when the party is leaving the Shire and you can obviously tell it's actors with wet hair riding between sheets of rain.

Verdit ... .... see them all? :) Different views for the mood really.
winter_elf: Sherlock Holmes (BBC) with orange soft focus (Hobbit)
Yes, I had a ticket to a midnight showing :) Like there was any doubt. By chance, and not because I was looking to - I ended up at a HFR Imax #d showing. It wasn't my intention actually. But I picked the theater close to home (so I wouldn't have a longer drive). I found out later it was showing in HFR. Several other IMAX's around were NOT. Oh well. I just jumped into the deep end. Worried that it would make me sick, I took one of my motion sickness pills - which helped.

Overall, Enjoyable movie. Loved Martin Freeman as Bilbo, Richard Armitage does a stunning Thorin, Gandalf was pretty amusing and Andy Serkis blows you away with Gollum. The dwarves were all individual and well done - and actually, easy to keep apart (even if one keeps forgetting their names) by their hairstyles. Good choice on that Jackson.

Despite critic's grumbling - I liked the prologue - you need that history which what the dwarves had been through to see why they are willing to risk so much to return home. NZ is BEAUTIFUL. Really. I've been there, and oh yea, you can TELL when it's filmed in NZ and what's filmed in 'sets'. Which... is one problem with the HFR. The sets look a little too polished/sparkling/flat. The CGI just isn't up to the HFR. I also enjoyed the White Council bit at Rivendell - and a more warrior acting Elrond!

Pros to HFR: NZ in all it's glory, Gollum who's so alive he all but leaps off the screen, very intense

Cons to HFR: Sets and costumes need to be up to a higher standard, the 'rain fail' scene, other CGI baddies are not up to Gollum's standards

I'll need to see the movie again in NON HFR to vote which way is the best - sneaky.

Easy vote - see it in a theater no matter which format you choose!


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