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You know you are in CA when the bulding shakes and your first action - after a mental 'where/how strong' - is to check USGS quake map :) I was so quick - that the quake I felt hadn't even loaded yet. LOL. And it was right - close by and about 5.0.

For some reason, I can really feel the quakes here at work. It might be because I'm in a 3 story building, but I think there's a fault zone in the area that just picks them up really well.
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And the car thinks I'm not paying it enough attention. As if the tires it needs were not enough. It decided to hit me up for MORE attention this morning.

It's a friday. My co-worker is off and we are expecting a delivery, so I can't be late. And the car is like - hey, I won't start. That'll teach you! *facepalm*

I have AAA, but didn't have the 45+ minutes to wait for them to find my place (not an easy task), but I managed to find someone close and talked them into giving me a jump - which turned into TWO jumps. Yea, it was that dead. Traffic was flowing so I ALMOST made the mechanic. Too many stoplights and there's me, pushing my car out of an intersection *facepalm, again*. My car is light, the intersection was not busy (thank goodness!). I only had a few blocks to walk to the mechanic. Luckily he took my 'here's the keys, there's the car, put in a battery' without a blink as I then hussled the mile or so to work. Hey, got my excercise in.

I was late, but did not miss the delivery, so that's good. I guess I can look at surprise excercise as a plus, though I could have done without the panicking - and the additional expense in this month. And you know car, a little warning would have been nice! I do take the 'I want a battery now' slow starts seriously. Really.
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Did I spit in your coffee? make jokes? What? Let me tell you, nothing like a little Murphy hitting you over the head when it's going to do you the most frustration.

I had dinner tonight at the mall then headed home in plenty of time to watch the two Wed night shows I enjoy - Arrow & Supernatural. I hadn't set the VCR because I was planning to be home. Yea, you can see this coming.

On the way home I get a flat tire on the freeway. In the FOG! Luckily, I have AAA, so calling a tow-truck is no hassle. However he finds out that 1) my donut (mini) spare is flat and 2) I have a stripped lug-nut. He has air for the tire (and hope it works). But by now it's 8:30pm - so almost everything is closed. No chance of getting a new tire tonight - and, of course, I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning that I made 6 months ago.

We're not far from a mall w/ a Sears, so the tow-truck follows me there. However they are closing and do not carry lug-nuts and will not sell me a tire. *sigh* He does suggest an auto parts store still open a few stops back on the freeway, so I'm off to get a lug-nut. Try #2 - I get a lug-nut. But I'm still on a donut tire that might go flat in the morning when I have to get to my dentist, who's not close.

By the time I get home, my shows are over, and of course, one was one I was really looking forward to. And I'll have to buy a new tire tomorrow - thrills. More than likely, two, since they'll give me the whole lecture about just buying one new with my older ones.

*head/desk* What a night.
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I know, how boring. But finally a weekend in over two months that I'm not working!!!

Busy time at work is done with for the moment. We had one minor computer freak-out - but the boss ordered a new, snazzy computer and the original hasn't totally failed yet (but now it's going to be replaced with the new faster one). However, we did have a printer bite the dust and refuse to turn on. Oh well, we had a spare older one in the office to struggle with. Boss has already ordered two more new computers to update the other old ones in the office and we'll order a replacement printer soon.

My car finally got taken to the mechanic - and managed to take a lot of my overtime money. *sigh* At least it was about what I was expecting it to cost and no huge surprises. Though the 'please keep running' begs did work. The mechanic mentioned I had a major bearing for the timing belt about to go - and it was lucky it hadn't failed.
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Working like a dog 6 days a week, 11 hours a day. It's 'tax time', our busy, busy, OMG time of year when we all work like crazy (boss and co-workers in the same boat). Ugh. So, no I'm not dead, no I'm not ignoring everyone, I'm just too tired and stressed to think.

Also my laptop decided it hates the new 'update' software for the internet USB, so I've been stuck using the older, 'base' computer at my desk.. and sitting in my desk chair. Not as fun as slouching on the bed. Also, my cats HATE it. They prefer to be sprawled across my feet. Cleo is currenly sulking under the chair and Eowyn keeps walking across the keyboard.

I have a whole bunch of long stories I look forward to reading when I can think straight. You all are wonderful.

Here, have a kitty pic!

My scaredy-cat Eowyn, aka "invisi cat" to my mom. She's always like 'you sure you have two cats?' Yea mom.
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And where has the old one gone! Yikes.

I hope everyone had a safe and cheerful holiday season and ate lots and lots of the bad sugary stuff so that we can all be good now that the new year is here.

I had a nice time, spent time with family, took some days off work, slept, shopped, baked cookies and ATE way too many of the aforementioned cookies! Yea, it's gym time for this new year. Also attended some holidays parties - and there were even presents! Whee!

Here's an awesome one - a kitty pic for me! Cleo is every so happy - and Eowyn is jealous!

"Cleopatra's Belly" by [ profile] lordgloria

[ profile] lordgloria takes commissions! So if you are hankering for a pet pic (or other pic) hop on over and check out her LJ!
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and I owe my neighbor cookies or something. I'm back outside charging my laptop (battery only lasts for 2 hours). He's in watching TV. This is some awesome generator! He uses it in his trailer when he travels. I'm getting more bars on my USB cell phone modem. I think it's calmed down in that people are not using as much.

I am sooooooo not looking forward to the mess that is going to be in the freezer and fridge. I haven't opened either one, but ugh.... food spoilage to the max. On our battery radio they say some areas no power restored till SUNDAY!!! I hope that is not us.
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use it to find your car in the blackness of a cave of the underground parking garage when in the middle of a city wide/major/uber major blackout.

Wow it was dark. The stairways had emergency lighting, but NONE in the garage. Luckily I park close to the stairs, and know the garage well, but even so - yikes!

So yea, major city wide blackout. Like the entire county of SD is dark. Power is still off. I'm lucky in #1 - I filled my gas tank last night and #2 - my next door neighbor owns a generator, so there is laptop charging. And even if my cell phone isn't working, my USB modem is getting a tiny bit of service - so yay. To the minor words of yay. Also, I send in my AtlantisBigBang piece last night. I was hoping to work on another today..... but this power outage is expected to last more than a day - so probably not much chance at all of doing that :(


Jun. 21st, 2011 05:24 pm
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Off camping in Northern CA. I forgot to post before I left (Sat).

I'm going to be so behind on posts!
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*gads* take ONE DAY off and the boss panics like its a week! *sigh* Yes, I can take a week, and its all 'get this done/put this where I can find it/tell everyone/get this done/etc/etc'. Its the same panic for a day. It's ONLY a DAY!

I'm taking this Friday so I can go see Pirates 4 early in the day :) and hey, I have lots of time, and this way, less stress on the co-worker.

And still moping I'm going to miss Mediawest this year.
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..... my mouth LOVES the dentist. *sigh*

I have killer plaque it seems. And you are looking at someone who brushes like crazy with a electric toothbrush!

Back in 2000-ish I got all my multitudes of silver filings in my mouth replaced with porcelain fillings over a span of two years because the silver ones were degrading almost faster than they could replace them (less than 3 years). Since the insurance would not pay for a replacement till after 5 years, it was a huge hassle.

So, today was my 6 month cleaning. I was hoping to escape with no new work. HA! I need to come back and redo 3 fillings on one side of my jaw THEN get a crown on the other. It seems the 3 ones to redo were all done in 2000 and are degrading. *headdesk* Why me! ARGH! Same bit with the tooth that needs a crown, except its cracking and its a large filling which is why the dentist says it needs a crown and not a replacement filling.

I whined that 'I thought these were going to last longer' and she said 'well, they lasted 10 years'! *groan* Then I get back to work and find out my co-worker has SILVER fillings she's had for over 20+ years.
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I'm still around - just that "time" of year and I'm working like an insane crazy person.

Way behind on LJ and reading. I've had time to read a few stories - but I'm afraid it's been old favorites that I can read both quickly and are comfort stories.

Thanks for the snail [ profile] sgamadison! Wow - how did you know that's what I've been feeling like lately! :)
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The damage is just heartbreaking in Japan.

And I thought I was broken up about NZ. As I've been to Christchurch! (I've been looking through photos and moping). Such a quaint little city with the smallest 'international' airport I've ever been in. The brick buildings in the center of town were such a English feel and there were lots of gardens and such. I'm trying to find where I wrote down which hotel we stayed in. I was in NZ for the LOTR tour for the ROTK in December of 2003. My roommate - [ profile] amdir_jas ....... from Japan!

[ profile] amdir_jas I'm so glad you are okay!!!! And I hope you get home soon and are not stuck.


Feb. 18th, 2011 09:51 am
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The Earth Moved! Watches swaying plants at work.

hmm.. not very strong. *goes to USGS to check where*

ETA: 5.1 in Baja.
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Oh a nice lazy Friday night. I got kitties snuggling, I got online surfing to do, and AMC is playing a John Wayne movie! Whee! Tonight it's 'El Dorado', which also stars Robert Mitchum and James Caan. You know - the one with Mississippi! :) And man, I sure love his horse (a super pretty appy!)
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Gee - laptop mice don't like getting wet! *facepalm* I got my green mouse wet from spilling a drink (water) on friday night. I picked it up... okay AFTER I picked up my laptop, and I didn't think it had gotten that wet. Obviously I was wrong. *sigh*

I've had that green mouse - that matches my laptop since I first got my laptop. I tried to see if it'd work after drying out. No such luck.

So, today I went off searching. No luck on green in the style I wanted. I finally ended up with a dark grey one in the same style.
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then take lots of photos! I want to see this alleged white stuff covering everything ! Houses! Trees! Bridges! :) I took flood photos for ya'all after all!

And stay safe and warm... and don't forget the TP :)

Double Joy

Jan. 19th, 2010 08:16 pm
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The power went out at work! Whee! We got to go home early!

The power was ON at home! *score*!
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Ack! LJ is too active! Too many stories to read! Comments all over! ACK! I'm not dead, or hiding... just having a hard time trying to get anything done. I need some days off to hole up and read, read, read, read :)

And you know what's really sad - I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet. *sigh*
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just ... uh.. behind. Yea, that's it. It's like I'm forever on catch up. So, if I haven't commented on your LJ recently, that's why. Just being slow when I returned from vacation and needing a bit of a break.


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