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Yes, I had a ticket to a midnight showing :) Like there was any doubt. By chance, and not because I was looking to - I ended up at a HFR Imax #d showing. It wasn't my intention actually. But I picked the theater close to home (so I wouldn't have a longer drive). I found out later it was showing in HFR. Several other IMAX's around were NOT. Oh well. I just jumped into the deep end. Worried that it would make me sick, I took one of my motion sickness pills - which helped.

Overall, Enjoyable movie. Loved Martin Freeman as Bilbo, Richard Armitage does a stunning Thorin, Gandalf was pretty amusing and Andy Serkis blows you away with Gollum. The dwarves were all individual and well done - and actually, easy to keep apart (even if one keeps forgetting their names) by their hairstyles. Good choice on that Jackson.

Despite critic's grumbling - I liked the prologue - you need that history which what the dwarves had been through to see why they are willing to risk so much to return home. NZ is BEAUTIFUL. Really. I've been there, and oh yea, you can TELL when it's filmed in NZ and what's filmed in 'sets'. Which... is one problem with the HFR. The sets look a little too polished/sparkling/flat. The CGI just isn't up to the HFR. I also enjoyed the White Council bit at Rivendell - and a more warrior acting Elrond!

Pros to HFR: NZ in all it's glory, Gollum who's so alive he all but leaps off the screen, very intense

Cons to HFR: Sets and costumes need to be up to a higher standard, the 'rain fail' scene, other CGI baddies are not up to Gollum's standards

I'll need to see the movie again in NON HFR to vote which way is the best - sneaky.

Easy vote - see it in a theater no matter which format you choose!
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1 Week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need more Hobbit icons.
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I have my ticket for a midnight showing - there are tons of movie tie-in books in the bookstores and they are teasing us with releasing bits of the soundtrack!
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Okay, so it's the wrong hobbit - but it's a hobbit.... of a sort :)

Taken by me at New Zealand Wellington Airport for ROTK tour
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Sitting here watching Top Gear. The boys are playing around with a huge airplane and making cars go flying (yes like Mythbusters did)... all to the tune of LOTR music.

Yes, you heard me, LOTR music - particularly the Ringwraith's first appearance in the Shire and the sniffing bit on the road with hiding in the tree (1st movie). Cars are flying and I can't stop giggling.
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Okay, so it's been a while since I've flown. But still.

Toying with wanting to join mini-tour in New Zealand in Nov for the Hobbit Premier. I so want to be there. I was in NZ for The Return of the King in 2003. I couldn't afford the 14 day one with Red Carpet. It's really gone up a lot since 2003. But then there was talk of a mini 7 day one around the premier. Hey, that sounds more affordable. Yea.

Playing around with airfare to NZ from LAX .... it would cost more than the cost of the tour! *SOBS!* Okay, still the two together is less than the 14 day tour... but, but, but. *sigh*
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I don't own a blu-ray player, so I wasn't lining up for another version of the LOTR DVD's. I already own two - the original and the extended. *sigh* Hey - it's not as many times as I own the SW original trilogy ..... (I think the count is at 6)

However in reading this article Fans Line Up for 'Lord of the Rings' Blu-ray

This line leapt out at me:
"That may seem like commitment, but Nicole Roberts had them all beat. The Texas native, dressed as a Balrog Showgirl, took home the prize of the night: an all-expense-paid “Lord of the Rings” trip to New Zealand. "

I KNOW that crazy fan!!!! LOL!! I MIGHT have seen that costume too (or an early version of it). I actually met Nicole in New Zealand on the LOTR tour I did in 2003. Since the tour she moved to LA and got involved with a costume group. I usually see her at the SD Comic Con masquerade - which her group has won numerous times.

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Oh NZ how I miss you so!

Here's a video about the start of filming in NZ for the hobbit, with some walking about the sets, seeing the actors doing some blocking, seeing the workshops going full tilt, the practice and the LOTR Music!!

The Hobbit - 10 Minute Behind the Scenes "Start of Production"
(name of the video in case the link won't work)

I don't know how to embed - so hopefully this works.

[ profile] amdir_jas (left) and me at Hobbiton

The crowd at the top of the picture above the sign is at what remains of the 'outer' set of Bag End (in 2003) and the cut off group on the very top of the hill is at the site of the tree stump that's above Bag End.
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The damage is just heartbreaking in Japan.

And I thought I was broken up about NZ. As I've been to Christchurch! (I've been looking through photos and moping). Such a quaint little city with the smallest 'international' airport I've ever been in. The brick buildings in the center of town were such a English feel and there were lots of gardens and such. I'm trying to find where I wrote down which hotel we stayed in. I was in NZ for the LOTR tour for the ROTK in December of 2003. My roommate - [ profile] amdir_jas ....... from Japan!

[ profile] amdir_jas I'm so glad you are okay!!!! And I hope you get home soon and are not stuck.
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day 12 → whatever tickles your fancy

Since you all enjoyed the New Zealand pics - here's some more of the fun to be had at the LOTR:ROTK premier in 2003

Arrow in building - which was opposite a huge picture of Legolas hanging on the building across the street :)

Wraiths, orcs and gollum oh my! Don't take that ring! )


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