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and I owe my neighbor cookies or something. I'm back outside charging my laptop (battery only lasts for 2 hours). He's in watching TV. This is some awesome generator! He uses it in his trailer when he travels. I'm getting more bars on my USB cell phone modem. I think it's calmed down in that people are not using as much.

I am sooooooo not looking forward to the mess that is going to be in the freezer and fridge. I haven't opened either one, but ugh.... food spoilage to the max. On our battery radio they say some areas no power restored till SUNDAY!!! I hope that is not us.
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use it to find your car in the blackness of a cave of the underground parking garage when in the middle of a city wide/major/uber major blackout.

Wow it was dark. The stairways had emergency lighting, but NONE in the garage. Luckily I park close to the stairs, and know the garage well, but even so - yikes!

So yea, major city wide blackout. Like the entire county of SD is dark. Power is still off. I'm lucky in #1 - I filled my gas tank last night and #2 - my next door neighbor owns a generator, so there is laptop charging. And even if my cell phone isn't working, my USB modem is getting a tiny bit of service - so yay. To the minor words of yay. Also, I send in my AtlantisBigBang piece last night. I was hoping to work on another today..... but this power outage is expected to last more than a day - so probably not much chance at all of doing that :(


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