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I'm back! and I bring photos! :)

Camping was lots of fun - but then I love 'lazy man' camping - in that we had pop up trailers and lots of stuff and didn't have to haul it anywhere. The campsite was more crowded in that what open area in this little canyon was the 'site' but it was ringed by trees and river and our neighbors were all pretty quiet, so all was good. Also, we arranged the cars and trailers into a semicircle with the river as one side, so we had this one little area to ourselves.

And, I sort of packed wrong. I was expecting a heat wave and for it to be extremely hot - as in record-breaking heat wave. But actually, it was super nice during the day, and chillyish at night/morning. At the beach it was foggy/overcast and sunny at the same time. I needed more half length sleeves and less tank tops. Oh well.

I got a sunburn on the 1st day on my feet, because it was so overcast/foggy, that I was running around in bare feet on the sand that I forgot to put sunscreen there. Yes, I can get burned even on cloudy days.

We did a number of short hikes to various waterfalls. I am sooooo out of shape :( ugh. But the scenery was very pretty and I took a number of photos.

Pfeiffer Beach. Where I got the sunburn. Very pretty beach with sea stacks, rolling fog that changed as we were there and a stream to play in for the little kids. It was actually chilly (because of the fog), but bright too. And it was nice that the sand wasn't so hot and was actually cool to walk on.

more photos - beaches! Trees! Coast! More coast!  )

Hello 2010!

Jan. 1st, 2010 11:00 pm
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Two amazing sunsets in a row! What's the luck in that???! :)

Sunset viewed from [ profile] hotmarscube's house (behind me), January 1, 2010

jan 1 10

It was a mostly warmish and clear day, so having a number of clouds to turn pink & purple at sunset was a surprise. Again, inside, so I only caught near the end, when most of the pink & purple had faded as I ran to grab my cell phone.
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Sunset, December 31, 2009 over Torrey Pines Beach
dec 31 09

As I was heading out Thur early evening, this really pretty sunset was starting to fade. Since I'd been inside, I hadn't noticed it. And then, I was on the road and driving. By the time I found a spot to get off the highway and take a picture it had lost most of its color. Also, it had, of course, looked a lot better from the freeway angle. *sigh*

Blue Moon Rise - December 31, 2009
blue moon

Again, it was rising as I was on the freeway. *sigh* I pulled off, but the road was lower, so I couldn't get a shot. Back on the freeway on the side, but it was mostly up and again, hard to get a good angle.


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