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Late night catch up on my reading and voting, so these were last minute reads. Whoo boy – LONG reads, and very conflicting with the emotions swinging all over the place. However, I found these two stories a very intense read and ones that make you think. Both are post Season 5 – with all those inherent problems but go off in two different directions.

Cardiogenesis (The Heart of the Matter) - Team Sheppard: fatal flaw – Post season 5 with a very internal story on what do you do with two Rodney’s – and if one is a replicator, how do you treat that one. Very emotionally. It was a tough story to read for all the emotions but extremely realistic – both good and bad, and sometimes the tough choices are not the easy ones. I didn’t realize how long this story was, and started too late, so I was up till 3 am because I just HAD to know what happened. And that’s the power of the story – how much it drew me in.

This Kingdom We Have Made - Team Sheppard: chain reaction – Huge epic – Atlantis returns to Pegasus after two years, lots of changes, wraith are destroying like crazy, but the Pegasus people have finally started working together – and boy are they all pissed at Atlantis – and with good reason! A huge cast of characters and many differing points of view, Rodney is still clueless – and jealous, John finds some comfort and they go after the wraith and well… it all goes to hell. Don’t start this one late at night.
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A lot of great stories / art / vids in this years [ profile] mcshep_match. Posting started when I was out of town at WorldCon.... so, man, I got soooo behind in reading – and there were some wonderfully nice long stories to enjoy too. I’m so glad that this year they gave two extra weeks for reading and voting after posting ended – and I needed every second of it!

Here’s a list of my favorites in this years McShep Match – with the first two my #1 picks that I liked the most – and the ultra surprise – they were for the same prompt!!!!! Seeing that prompt at first, I was so worried they would be depressing entries – but no – both strong journeys of finding yourself in various ways.

Ain't Seen the Sunshine Since I Don't Know When-Team Sheppard: end of the line – A fusion with Miyazaki's Spirited Away to give a strong fairy tale vibe of being lost and then finding yourself all in a setting of misty trains, spirit contracts and supernatural creatures.

Let Me Go -Team McKay: end of the line – amazing vid that uses The Last Man episode with music that fits to a ‘T’ and both music and the clips tie in to the prompt – till you reach the end and go NO wanting just a bit more.

Just So Long and Long Enough - Team Sheppard: can of worms – a great Dave POV story that had me wanting to know more about him and his attempts to connect again with his brother.

Last Straw- Team McKay: last straw - a super cute piece of art – and a literal take on the prompt used with great expression

A Spark In You- Team McKay: live wire - a cool vid with a great song choice and snappy editing and even kissing!

Chain Reaction - Team McKay: chain reaction – a great story with a heavy science plot and a developing relationship when John finally gets a clue

Flash Point - Team Sheppard: alive and kicking – a very interesting Smokejumper AU with lots of colorful detail and pretty well researched (I know something of this – having an Uncle who was a smokejumper), so it was a fun read.

The Triboelectric Effect - Team McKay: can of worms - Wraith folklore!! Nice adventure with a little h/c and an established relationship that is a great read.

I'm posting this tonight because I wanted to post my recs before the voting closes and the reveal. There are a lot of wonderful stories long and short, some stellar art and even vids! I have three stories left to read... and I'm not going to manage it tonight, although at this point - it's not really much use to try and sleep.
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So many long stories, so many to choose from! Yay! Here's the [ profile] atlantisbigbang stories I've read so far. More soon! I'm going to spend my weekend reading! Wheeeee!

Dragonlord by Icarus Dragons. Pern. Really, what more do I need to say? I really enjoyed this – and it’s nice and LONG.

Against all odds by ca_pierson and darkmoore I kind of have a thing for soulbonding... so yea, this hit all my buttons

Giving the Devil His Due by Telesilla Loved seeing more of this dark!AU verse. Very, very hot!

Mightier Still by meansgirl AU with our SGA group as superheroes! Or, well... trying to be! :) And there are those pesky supervillians!

Charming Demeter's Daughter by Wolfshark okay, so I read it early, but it still counts! I love stories where Atlantis is on its own, so this is a nice fork-in-the-road story.
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[ profile] mcshep_match recs, pt 3.

I have finally finished and voted for every story. Go ME!

Here's the final set of ones I've especially enjoyed this year. Though, I enjoyed every story, some just hit me a little stronger than others. A huge thank you to all the hard working writers and artists! 30 days of art and stories! OMG! Such a pleasure to read them all.

Ain't That A Kick In The Head (Team Work): Nice action-packed teamy adventure with good bits for all. I liked the heavy h/c elements, and working in of events in John's past and how it affected him.

A Question of Quantum Physics, Molecular Attraction and Timing (Team Work) : Long AU with plenty of sex and fun and games between John & Rodney. Loved the guessing game John proposed instead of telling Rodney what he did for a living.

Beyond The Pale (Team Work): Art. Some really great art this year. I enjoyed all the elements to this one as a DVD cover – not only clips that tell a story (and look at all the naked ones!), but also clever puns in the DVD description of the 'movie'. LOL.

Cloud Nine (Team Work): A long AU about everyone working in the weather industry/weather stations. I loved all the attention to detail, and even knowing NOTHING about it, found the information given was not confusing - and I learned something too!
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[ profile] mcshep_match recs - part 2!

I'm slowly getting caught up again. Some NICE long stories posted - argh! So I got behind. I still have some to read. Here's some more of my favorites.

"You’re Cool, I’m Fine" (Team Work). OMG –John and Rodney as ACTORS – and doing conventions – and the ‘slash’ question from fans. John hiding he’s really gay, Rodney totally clueless on all of the above. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.

When There's Nothing Left to Burn (you have to set yourself on fire) (Team Work) Art. Lovely and very moody – which fits the prompt extremely well.

Running Tally (Team Play) A happy John so freaks out Rodney that he’s looking around for pod people. (and being totally oblivious) A very sweet story.

Summer Vacation (Team Play) Art. Beautiful with great use of color, motion and shadows.

Mamihlapinatapai (Team Play) Some lovely world building and an awesome festival that has the boys all cuddly together. I’ve done meteor shower watching – and it was never this much fun!

Who Could Claim the Sky (Team Work) AU with some outstanding world building including: mythical creatures, defeat, evil overlords, Todd in all his twisty Wraithy glory, historical notes and triumph.

Please remember to support the fest – read, vote, comment!!
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[ profile] mcshep_match has started and I've been doing better this year with keeping up on my reading and voting! Whee!! Some great stuff – so go check it out. And some long stories already too! Posted early so I had time to read them. I got in a bind last year with a bunch of long ones at the end and couldn't read and vote fast enough. I also really liked the teams this year: 'Work' and 'Play'.

Here are my favorites so far:

Sheppard's Pie (Team Play): Pie, pie and more pie. A nice long story with my favorite cliché of pining!Sheppard and oblivious!Rodney :) Covers a lot of time, with pie in various forms and flavors tying the whole thing together. Beware, you'll be wanting pie when you finish reading it.

Tied to the Rocket (Team Work): Another long one that tricked me – starting out as an AU with John and Rodney meeting while young and falling into lust and then distance breaking them down because they FAIL to communicate. And then working back into canon with much angst and no immediate resolution while you are screaming at them to just TALK, PLEASE!

Circle Yes or No (Team Play): Taking a vacation and dealing with family and nothing is ever easy as that when John talks Rodney into 'playing' as his boyfriend because his brother assumes he is. LOL. Much comedy of errors ensues.

A Fate So Sweet (Team Work): Woo Baby! Smoking hot long kinky BDSM fic with many issues handled with deft care. Not only some great sex, but also in a steampunky world!

Dreaming (Team Play): Art. And Rodney's mind heads into the gutter as fast as mine :) LOL.

Rapid Descent (Team Work): Art. Amazing detail, interesting camera angle and some kick ass perspective and deft coloring.

Please support the fest – read, vote, comment!!
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Circus by [ profile] butterfly. Star Trek XI, Kirk-centric. It's a Britney Spears song that I happen to like a lot, and OMG, I just NEVER realized how perfect the words are for Kirk! It's like it was WRITTEN for him. Download, watch and give [ profile] butterfly feedback for her inspiring vision!

Yes, it is made up entirely of scenes from the new movie. So for those who haven't seen it yet - well... spoilers abound.

Thank you [ profile] kashmir1 and [ profile] kodiak_bear for recommending and pointing out to me. I've had a busy weekend. I think everyone's seen it before me! :) Now I have and I need to watch it again!
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I have finally, barely, at the last minute, managed to read and vote on all 50 of this years [ profile] mcshep_match entries. A lot of truly wonderful stories, and I had a really hard time choosing my favorites. I've tried to leave semi-coherent commentary thanking the authors so they know their hard work is appreciated.

Home Team
In This Era of Liberty
Wing And A Prayer
A Ribbon at a Time
Tonight and the Rest of My Life
Good Neighbor Policy
Into This World Again
runner up Unpredictable

Away Team
Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology
No Place Like Home
Less to Say
Never Going Home
Little By Little To the Truth; or a Narrative of the Atlantis Expedition
Tied Up Inside
runner up Future Imperfect

I wanted to get this posted quickly before the author reveal. I'll come back and add some little comments on why I liked them soon! And, I can't figure out how to do tables :( I fail at LJ.


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