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I seem to be working backward. Torri & Jason were the final Stargate guests on Sunday in LA.

Jason had some amusing stories about the stunt work he's done - and that horses still hate him and try to kill him. His major injuries have come from horse related stunts. He also said that it was MUCH more lax in Bulgaria, in that 'oh sure, do that' way. Where as in hollywood they are like 'oh my god, no, where's the stuntman!' One stunt he didn't want to do (a fall/slide off a 'cliff' into a pit (where stunt guys would catch him that sounded very scary) he had to do anyway.

He talked about Game of Thrones and learning Dothraki - which involved a bottle of whiskey, and locking himself in his hotel room. LOL. He also talked about doing the Haka for his audition (I had already heard that). And he spoke some Dothraki for us too. He also joked that the main producer? kept trying to get him naked in Game of Thrones - so he played a joke and wore a pink 'sock' over his junk.

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Oh my - so many pictures to go through! I'm working on them - but I iz slow! :) And I didn't have someone to take notes.. so... uhm.. here's some pictures? I actually got a large number of good ones of most actors - small con and super seats!

It's been several years since I've seen Torri at a con. She chatted some about working on NCIS and had an interesting story about Mark Harmon - how when she got on the NCIS set he just showed up when she was in the makeup trailer and 'chatted' with her about nothing in particular. She said later - when she realized who it was, that it was something he did to make sure that no divas stayed on set. That he promoted and worked for a family/close set.

She was cornered by a determined Sparky fan and basically said she is all for the flirting - and John sure was pretty! But didn't see more because 1) she was his boss, 2) she was all for the UST tension in shows rather than the romance and 3) John also flirted just as much with Rodney. LOL.

She didn't bring her dog, though she talked about him and she was in a super chatty mood, being very slow with autographs and talking to each fan. Since this is a much smaller con - being slow didn't mean all that long a wait.

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off to the Creation Stargate Los Angeles convention. Or the tri-show as they call it. I'm actually more interested a number of the Eureka/Warehouse 13 guests they have in the other side, so I might be showing up for some of their talks as well. I'm going to miss this next year, as this is the last multi-con LA thing with Stargate. :(
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Here is my piece for the SGA Scare - Beware of the Shadows! - click on the teaser!

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Late night catch up on my reading and voting, so these were last minute reads. Whoo boy – LONG reads, and very conflicting with the emotions swinging all over the place. However, I found these two stories a very intense read and ones that make you think. Both are post Season 5 – with all those inherent problems but go off in two different directions.

Cardiogenesis (The Heart of the Matter) - Team Sheppard: fatal flaw – Post season 5 with a very internal story on what do you do with two Rodney’s – and if one is a replicator, how do you treat that one. Very emotionally. It was a tough story to read for all the emotions but extremely realistic – both good and bad, and sometimes the tough choices are not the easy ones. I didn’t realize how long this story was, and started too late, so I was up till 3 am because I just HAD to know what happened. And that’s the power of the story – how much it drew me in.

This Kingdom We Have Made - Team Sheppard: chain reaction – Huge epic – Atlantis returns to Pegasus after two years, lots of changes, wraith are destroying like crazy, but the Pegasus people have finally started working together – and boy are they all pissed at Atlantis – and with good reason! A huge cast of characters and many differing points of view, Rodney is still clueless – and jealous, John finds some comfort and they go after the wraith and well… it all goes to hell. Don’t start this one late at night.
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A lot of great stories / art / vids in this years [ profile] mcshep_match. Posting started when I was out of town at WorldCon.... so, man, I got soooo behind in reading – and there were some wonderfully nice long stories to enjoy too. I’m so glad that this year they gave two extra weeks for reading and voting after posting ended – and I needed every second of it!

Here’s a list of my favorites in this years McShep Match – with the first two my #1 picks that I liked the most – and the ultra surprise – they were for the same prompt!!!!! Seeing that prompt at first, I was so worried they would be depressing entries – but no – both strong journeys of finding yourself in various ways.

Ain't Seen the Sunshine Since I Don't Know When-Team Sheppard: end of the line – A fusion with Miyazaki's Spirited Away to give a strong fairy tale vibe of being lost and then finding yourself all in a setting of misty trains, spirit contracts and supernatural creatures.

Let Me Go -Team McKay: end of the line – amazing vid that uses The Last Man episode with music that fits to a ‘T’ and both music and the clips tie in to the prompt – till you reach the end and go NO wanting just a bit more.

Just So Long and Long Enough - Team Sheppard: can of worms – a great Dave POV story that had me wanting to know more about him and his attempts to connect again with his brother.

Last Straw- Team McKay: last straw - a super cute piece of art – and a literal take on the prompt used with great expression

A Spark In You- Team McKay: live wire - a cool vid with a great song choice and snappy editing and even kissing!

Chain Reaction - Team McKay: chain reaction – a great story with a heavy science plot and a developing relationship when John finally gets a clue

Flash Point - Team Sheppard: alive and kicking – a very interesting Smokejumper AU with lots of colorful detail and pretty well researched (I know something of this – having an Uncle who was a smokejumper), so it was a fun read.

The Triboelectric Effect - Team McKay: can of worms - Wraith folklore!! Nice adventure with a little h/c and an established relationship that is a great read.

I'm posting this tonight because I wanted to post my recs before the voting closes and the reveal. There are a lot of wonderful stories long and short, some stellar art and even vids! I have three stories left to read... and I'm not going to manage it tonight, although at this point - it's not really much use to try and sleep.
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I did some digital art for the story Three Body Problem by zoemathemata on AO3

Here are the two thumbnails.

here's the Link to my artwork on AO3

The second piece was the one I was attempting to work on during the blackout. It's a strange experience to work in the dark and have to stop every so often to charge the laptop and to use the flashlight to see the keys for some things. I usually touch-type, but for 'alt' and 'ctrl' I need to look - because the layout of those changes by the keyboard. Luckily the power was on Friday and I had time to finish the illo.
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My two pieces of art for the art challenges

'Into the Sun' for the Five-O Art Fiesta at [ profile] h5oartvalentine

Into the Sun

'Teyla of Atlantis' for the SGA Art Shindig at [ profile] sgaartvalentine

Teyla of Atlantis
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The reveals are up at [ profile] sgaartvalentine and [ profile] h5oartvalentine. I did one piece of art for each.

For [ profile] sgaartvalentine

This was the piece I had the most trouble with - and needed the most handholding from the ever helpful beta [ profile] bluespirit_star. I started off with a different pic in the lower, which wasn't as happy, and kept trying for some song lyrics. Which kept not working. Finally I put a chessboard and their names there as a last minute 'oh my god, I just got to finish this.' I was very relieved that people liked it. Whew!

Having Fun for [ profile] mific


For [ profile] h5oartvalentine

I was very nervous about doing a secret exchange for this fandom. New fandom, haven't really done art yet for it ... but I REALLY wanted a shirtless Steve wallpaper (which I got!), so I'm glad I did. And wouldn't you know it - this piece I finished first, did in a few days and like the most.

Hawaiian Sun for [ profile] anuminis
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I participated in two Valentine exchanges: [ profile] h5oartvalentine
and [ profile] sgaartvalentine. I will post links to my secret pieces here when the reveal is done. In return, I also got two awesome gifts! Whee! Go look at the awesomeness!

My Prezzy from [ profile] h5oartvalentine
A Steve & Danny Collection

I asked Cupid for a shirtless Steve wallpaper. I not only got a shirtless Steve, but also Steve with guns and icons! Yay! Thank you Cupid! I have a feeling you know me very well :)

My Prezzy from [ profile] sgaartvalentine
Valentine kiss

I asked Cupid for sweet & sappy - and I got a kiss wallpaper in lovely warm colors with B&W as well as kissy icons too! Whee!

I really love both my gifts. I'm glad I participated in both exchanges as its been a lot of fun.
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I finished my pic! Don't forget to check out all the cool art once it starts posting!

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The [ profile] sga_art_santa reveals are up! I did:

Not in Vegas Anymore done for [ profile] mischief5

I'm really, really happy with how it turned out. And, surprisingly, I didn't really have a plan fo what I wanted to do to start out with. It was more playing with pics and textures and getting lots of hand-holding from [ profile] bluespirit_star that it didn't suck :)

I was so happy with the good reception this piece got, that I was on a creative high and signed up for two MORE art exchanges - [ profile] h5oartvalentine and [ profile] sgaartvalentine *frets*

hmm... I seem to be on a yellow/red-ish kick when I do sga art. Surprising, as its my least favorite colors. But its a color combination that seems to work well for wallpaper, where as blue/green just doesn't "pop" as much to me - even though I really like green!
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I’m here! Honest. Just uhm.. being easily distracted by all the choices to read at the moment.

Ohh! Cookies from [ profile] neevebrody and [ profile] friendshipper! And hot chocolate to go with them from [ profile] amdir_jas Thank you all!

I got my Holiday cards out monday... not as early as I wanted. I had a stack of overseas.. and the local post guy kind of laughed at me when I asked how long overseas was taking. *sigh* Seems I misjudged the timing there. I didn't realize you had to mail them the 1st of December? I think of doing cards after Thanksgiving – but for some reason I think that's too early to mail them, so I wait, then when it seems time, it's too late. So, all my overseas pals.... You will receive 'Happy New Year' cards!

I've been slow also with Christmas shopping. Keeping going to the mall and wandering around aimlessly not seeing anything that really 'speaks' to me for anyone on my list. There's a reason I'm usually shopping on the 24th!

I participated in one holiday exchange - [ profile] sga_art_santa . Lots of wonderful art has started to post. Go take a look! And one of them is by me – and one for me too! Whee! I want to thank [ profile] bluespirit_star for being my wonderful art beta and helping me to refine the art to something that came out much better than I was originally imagining with just some little adjustments.

And the one for me has posted! Shore Leave A beautiful romantic piece that I immediately put as my wallpaper! Thank you santa! (and I've been looking at it trying to figure out how it was done! I love all the stuff I learn)

And not only art, but so much good stuff to read at [ profile] sga_santa, [ profile] undermistletoe, and [ profile] ts_secret_santa. Oh my! And just a little while ago I was bemoaning the lack of stuff to read. No more! Now there is so many I want to hide and read all day! (which really cuts into the shopping and things like, you know, work!). I'm behind in reading and commenting on all of them. I hope to catch up one day.

ETA: Oh - and [ profile] bluespirit_star is doing a daily advent of goodies art and stories too! She's so ambitious!
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Ben Browder was on stage on Sunday in the Farscape side. He's always fun to listen to. He talked about that they were still working on possible more for Farscape... but it was still just 'in talks'. Unfortunately.


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Michael Shanks said he was just filming on Smallville till very, very late, and he looked pretty tired! He talked about his continuing fight with the raccoons in his yard. Extremely BOLD raccoons, who even when shot with a pellet gun, still didn't run! Which lead to a long story with multiple expressions and jumping up and down.

He also talked about that they have made Hawkman's wings as digital now - instead of having to deal with the 'real' ones and a puppeteer. As well as the high cost of the helmet and how he worried about breaking it. And demonstrated how doing fights in a breastplate made for some extremely awkward movements.

Someone asked what prop he wanted to take and what he did take. He said what he REALLY wanted and asked for, he didn't get to take - which was Daniel's journal. He was surprised to find it sold with the other props. A fan had it and brought it to the con - someone I KNOW - so I got to hold it! *whee!* Michael borrowed it and showed it to everyone and talked about it - how it was originally Ernest's Journal, so had some scribbled pages written by a prop guy - some pretty funny lines. Later it was used as Daniel's journal, so had stuff written about translations and language and such - also written by a prop guy. He said he doodled in it and wrote some of his lines in it. So anytime Daniel is looking down at his journal in a scene and talking... that's Michael using it as a cheat sheet :) He continued that what he DID take was his outfit from the last day of filming - and wears the pants gardening, and Hammond's red phone - which his kids play with.


Michael reading a choice line from Daniel's journal.

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Christopher Heyerdahl and Andee Frizzell were on the stage at different times, so they each had plenty of time to chat. Both have extremely expressive faces and can do some totally funky faces. Mostly while moving - so all my pictures of those came out on the blurry side. You can see where producers pick them for the 'makeup' roles. If you have an expressive face, you can get past the make up. Otherwise that much makeup would just turn one into a model with little to no expression.

Christopher is all shaved because he JUST finished filming. Though he said he STILL had like 1 hour in makeup when playing Jack-the-ripper in Sanctuary and talked about how they spent all this time 'dabbing' like three different colors of makeup on his shaved head, as well as shaving it even closer.

I had a few of Andee with some pretty wild expressions, but I think I've already given her friend fodder with the bacon pic :)

If you're at a con and they are speaking do stay to listen to them. Both are extremely funny and amusing to listen to.


more of Chris & Andee )
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Joe's panel was a nice and long talk - and yes, someone commented - the lights were up the whole time - which was super nice. My pics are still a little on the yellow side, but that's just the super bad lighting. Joe would walk from side to side of the stage and lean then walk to the chair and lean on it, then walk around behind it... and on. So, I have lots of pics of him leaning.

BTW - Joe did not write anything funny on the banners (bummer) in response. I did get pictures of the other two though.

I know you are all waiting for these... so here's some of the many I took, formatted and uploaded :)


I'm not teasing - here's some more.... )
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Today was the 'busy' day - with both Joe & Michael, as well as stars from Whedon and Farscape!

I was there for talks by Joe, Michael and Eliza Dushku (Whedon con). I missed Nicholas Brendon (Whedon-Xander) because he was on at the same time as Joe. I was actually surprised by Eliza. She's very well spoken and very interesting to listen to. Her mom is a huge poly-sci educator, and she's been all over the world and was recently in Uganda helping young war survivors.

I got good shots I'm pretty sure of Joe - LA is a lot smaller and I was much closer. I'm still going through them but here's a teaser pic. OMG! He came on stage in glasses! Joe commented that they were his sunglasses and he put prescription lenses in them.

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Enjoying the 1st day - friday of the LA Creation Stargate con - also having fun hopping to Farscape to check out and tomorrow there's also the Whedon verse stuff.

Today we had both Wraith (Andee and Christopher) as well as Dan Shea and Steve Bacic.

Andee is terribly amusing. The NZ massage story got audience participation this time. I didn't know she was a vegetarian, and a pretty long standing one. She told a 'horror' story about accidentally eating bacon that was on a salad and her reactions in the retelling were pretty funny. She also said that she has a 'friend' who's new hobby was scouring the Internet and finding pictures of Andee doing funny stuff/expressions/etc and forwarding it to Andee with 'OMG, Look how silly you are! What you you Thinking here! What where you doing?' comments. She proceeded to do a huge montage of super silly expressions/motions that went by very quickly (and blurry for my camera). Then one person asked for that friends email and said that we'll all bombard her. Andee both groaned and laughed. LOL.

Andee telling and showing us about 'bacon logs' and the horror of how they taste.

Christopher Heyerdahl was flamboyantly bouncy. He was definitely happy to play it up for the audience - and in the last minutes of his panel, hopped down from the stage and wandered around through the rows, gave a hug, wanted to answer quick questions from those who might be too shy to get up for the microphone. Sanctuary just finished filming today for the season. he was pretty excited and really hopes for a pick up - but they don't know yet.

He talked about some funny filming stuff with Sanctuary actors, getting into makeup, playing different characters and sparkly vampires :)

He had us all rolling on the floor when someone asked about how working with Amanda was and he 'Needed a moment to calm his racing heart down' (done with super exaggerations and lip smacking, sighing, posing and hip trusts) Oh, to have a bit of video of that! He also got asked about beginning acting (keep studying! Go to school! practice! don't STOP practicing!)

And... of course... the Sheppard question. *sigh* He gets asked it at EVERY convention - and I'm beginning to think its by the same person! Anyway, this time, like I said, Christopher was in a playful mood and REALLY played it up. I mean, really played it up. (again, you need a video of this...) Talking about how Todd was a giver but he was NOT a catcher *wink**wink*

Christopher then proceeded to leave fun comments on the four stage banners when he signed them.

Christopher writing love notes. You think I'm kidding? I'm not!!!!!

End of the day was the Cabaret - with Dan Shea (who told all the SAME STORIES AGAIN!) and two Farscape actors who were amazing. Raelee Hill (Sikozu) sang two very nice songs she's doing with her husband. And David Franklin (Braca) did a huge skit with him singing about 6 songs, props and audience participation included about Braca's spurned love for Scorpius and how he turned into a gigolo. Which included people running for the stage to stuff bills in his pants. We were all laughing so hard we were crying and my throat STILL hurts from how hard I was laughing.

and now it's past midnight and I need to get to bed! I leave you with teasers of What Christoper wrote..... )


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