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"The French Mistake"

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!! ROTFL!!

Ack! my tape stopped. Good thing I'm home, I misjudged how much tape I had left.
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D'oh! Total fail there! Sorry! I got distracted in trying (and failing) to get caught up on email and FLists that I totally spaced the last day of Comic Con's report! Whoops! So... uhm... here's Sunday – with lots of pictures from the Supernatural panel – though all from the jumbotron (my seat sucked and was way, way, way at the back of the room).

And ... the final day of con is here. Today is the day of the Supernatural panel – so I needed to get to the con as early as I could. As it turned out – even though I =tried= to get to the con by 8am ... the trolley was running slow – so I didn't make it there till 8:30. Which put me WAY back in line for the panel room line. But, as the room was empty and large, I knew my position would get me in anyway. I was just hoping for a little closer. The line moved quickly, and I made it into the room at 10am – in time for the 1st panel – which was Smallville. A lot of the actors were there – including Tom Welling (man, is he HOT). I didn't take any photos – as I had a seat way, way, way in the back. Tom Welling is very interesting. He was asked a lot of questions, and gave careful, and short answers. He's definitely NOT one to give anything away and carefully thinks about what he's telling fans. He's producing a new series now, I can imagine he's going to be super busy this last year of Smallville doing two different jobs at the same time.

Then, the Supernatural panel. I didn't try fighting for a new seat, though maybe I should have, considering who was there *sigh*. They did not announce the actors who would be appearing, so it was a guessing game – and actually – more than in previous years! Both Jenson & Jared, as well as Jim Beaver and Misha Collins! Kripke (who could NOT stop taking and answering everything), new show runner Sera Gamble and writer Ben Edlund.

I don't think they talked about any major news. I don't follow the SPN spoilers, so I have no idea. Kripke did answer one question about what he changed from his original idea in the finale. He said that he had about 80% of what he originally imagined as the end. What was different... well... There would have been less people surviving it.

They gave NO info on what/how Sam gets 'back' on the show. *bummer* Though time does pass. Jensen directed the 3rd episode (filmed first) about Bobby and that pesky soul question. They showed a short clip from it. Looks to be lots of fun.

After the panel, I headed downstairs for some final dealers room crawling for last minute swag and deals and the like. A few places I was hoping to find deals (the anime book sellers) didn't have any. :( Oh well. I hung out in the booksellers area a lot of the time trying to get the give away books. I did score a few. There are a number of publishing companies (Random House, Penguin, Del Rey, etc.) that have booths, but are not selling anything. Just have books for 'display'. What I call 'evil tempting'. They sometimes have a few advance copies of some of them they might give to some people. The rest are 'ads'. At the end of the con, they often will give all that they have away. You just gotta be in the right place at the right time - and you might score.

And that's the con. *sniff* Done for another year.

Swag: 3 sharpies w/ lanyards, 4 swag bags, 1 comic, 1 graphic novel, 3 t-shirts, 8 books, several chapter books, handful of postcards/bookmarks, 2 buttons


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I managed to attend the last (and main) day of the Los Angeles Supernatural convention. Lucky for me, the boys have been the guests on the last day for a few years, and since they are who I'd want to see, it works out even with me having to work on Saturday. This year, not only Jared and Jensen, but also Misha!

[ profile] rasah the con was about twice the size of last year with more guests, another day and even snazzy details like garden type statues all over the place.

I was WAAAAYYYY in the back, but got some decent pics with my snazzy camera. Yes, still having the camera love here. Here's some of the first bit. I had a real problem with this super tall guy several rows in front of me that was in my line of sight, and had to hold the camera practically over my head - that goodness for the angled view screen :) I actually took a lot more pictures of Misha because I moved to a different seat (there was a break and people moved around), but I haven't done any photoshop work on them.

... yes it's blurry, but its got such great expressions I just had to share it.

I was not taking notes as I was busy taking pictures, but the questions were all of the same sort - pranks on set, what they did to relax, favorite episode, how they act serious, laughing, training, upcoming other roles, etc. Hardly any questions really on the characters themselves. They did say that they just finished filming but had a few pick ups to finish this week and that they planned to do things like sleep and relax for the break. A little bit of teasing that the rest of the season would be intense.

and some more pics )
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When you see this, quote Supernatural in your LJ.

Dean: Don’t be afraid of the dark? What are you kidding me of course you should be afraid of the dark! You know what’s out there!
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Oh god, I laughed myself silly over tonights new (finally) Supernatural episode "Ghostfacers". They really had WAY too much fun punning on GhostHunters. Way, way, way too much fun. *smirk* My fellow local SPN fan was laughing along and found it funny, and yet hadn't seen any Ghosthunters episodes. I need to tape one so she can see the original and get more of the in-jokes. Heh.
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Fun and about what I expected. Not any new or different questions asked, but also no questions that made me cringe. Both boys were fun and easy going in person, and in general joked around. I even thought of a question I could ask (wow - a first!), but by then the lines were quite long, and it was nearing time for them to head off for autographs.

Meet up with [ profile] rasah yay! She had a much better seat way up near the front. But as I didn't even try to take any pictures from my nose-bleed seat, it didn't really matter. I'll search online for photo's later. As usual, lots of people with some huge cameras.

The con's much larger than the November Stargate one held in Burbank. But still 99.5% female crowd. I'm killing time in the hotel lobby before meeting with [ profile] rasah for dinner before driving back. Bleah, work tomorrow.

Con will be same time next year, same place. hmm... This year worked because both the two main stars were on one day (Sunday), so I could come. Don't know how things will work out for next year, but maybe I can do the Sunday thing again, especially if they have one or both of the boys.

Got Auto's, I wish they'd let the stars personalize. I see why here - time limit and they pushed it very, very close. Oh well.

I bought a whole stack of photos (gads, too many new excellent shots) as well as a Dean banner and two dogtags (one of each star). Very few vendors, mostly only Creation. I was also surprised they had only Supernatural photos (and various other signed ones from other shows), but no Un-signed ones. ::pout:: I was hoping to score a few, hopefully NEW Stargate ones. I asked, and yea, new photos, but they are going to the Stargate con next weekend ::sob!:: and only the 'unsold' will be put online! ::sob, sob!:: no fair! Dang it. Last years Stargate new photos SUCKED.


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