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Okay, so it's been a while since I've flown. But still.

Toying with wanting to join mini-tour in New Zealand in Nov for the Hobbit Premier. I so want to be there. I was in NZ for The Return of the King in 2003. I couldn't afford the 14 day one with Red Carpet. It's really gone up a lot since 2003. But then there was talk of a mini 7 day one around the premier. Hey, that sounds more affordable. Yea.

Playing around with airfare to NZ from LAX .... it would cost more than the cost of the tour! *SOBS!* Okay, still the two together is less than the 14 day tour... but, but, but. *sigh*
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I'm back! and I bring photos! :)

Camping was lots of fun - but then I love 'lazy man' camping - in that we had pop up trailers and lots of stuff and didn't have to haul it anywhere. The campsite was more crowded in that what open area in this little canyon was the 'site' but it was ringed by trees and river and our neighbors were all pretty quiet, so all was good. Also, we arranged the cars and trailers into a semicircle with the river as one side, so we had this one little area to ourselves.

And, I sort of packed wrong. I was expecting a heat wave and for it to be extremely hot - as in record-breaking heat wave. But actually, it was super nice during the day, and chillyish at night/morning. At the beach it was foggy/overcast and sunny at the same time. I needed more half length sleeves and less tank tops. Oh well.

I got a sunburn on the 1st day on my feet, because it was so overcast/foggy, that I was running around in bare feet on the sand that I forgot to put sunscreen there. Yes, I can get burned even on cloudy days.

We did a number of short hikes to various waterfalls. I am sooooo out of shape :( ugh. But the scenery was very pretty and I took a number of photos.

Pfeiffer Beach. Where I got the sunburn. Very pretty beach with sea stacks, rolling fog that changed as we were there and a stream to play in for the little kids. It was actually chilly (because of the fog), but bright too. And it was nice that the sand wasn't so hot and was actually cool to walk on.

more photos - beaches! Trees! Coast! More coast!  )


Jun. 21st, 2011 05:24 pm
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Off camping in Northern CA. I forgot to post before I left (Sat).

I'm going to be so behind on posts!
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Day )
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I was so tried last night - it was like almost 11pm when we got back to the hotel and after a long hot day and aching feet, I forgot to post a pic of Central Park. I didn't take all that many, it was super hot and Chris was taking a lot, so I didn't drag out my camera too many times. Here's from the overlook of Belvedere Castle covering the summit of Vista Rock, the second highest natural elevation in Central Park looking out over the Turtle Pond and the Great Lawn.

This wikipedia link shows a picture looking back at the castle and the rock from the turtle pond.
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Today we did two Museums and central park - with a stop at Times Square on the way back to the hotel at 9pm ish.

Started off at the Natural History Museum and hung around with dinosaurs for most of the morning, along with a space show and avoiding of taxidermy animals (shudder).

Then hiked a bit through Central park, stopping to oggle here and there. The park is NOT flat like I thought. It has hills and low spots and rock outcroppings and bridges all over - and too much traffic. We were in a really pretty garden - with heavy traffic noise.

The Met. Other wise known as 'it's so big it could fit EVERY MUSEUM IN BALBOA PARK IN IT!' No, I'm not kidding. We have pitiful museums in San Diego. I was there for 4 hours - and I never even saw all of the 1st floor.

And on the way back to the hotel at 9pm, hey, let's do Times Square... It's not like our feet don't already hurt and all the lights will be on... which is really like Times Square Mall. It's more like an outdoor party down the middle of the street for several blocks. More like a long rectangle shape. And lots and lots of cops. You want a NYC cop? Got to Times Square. Basically, it's like San Diego's Gaslamp quarter during Comic Con.

OMG my feet hurt and I'm going to collapse now.
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and wow - lookie - we saw an exploding space ship!! Who knew that the aliens would invade New York right as we visited! :)

just kidding. Sunset Thur from the Empire State Building. Boy am I tired! I got up at 3:30AM this morning on the other coast.

I know, it's been forever since I posted. Been reading, but not commenting a lot. for more pics - go to see [ profile] hotmarscube
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Last minute frantic packing.... which I was working on.. now I'm goofing off. The cats attempted to help. All that fresh laundry - didn't smell like cat after all. So they had to sprawl all over my piles as I tried to figure out what I wanted to wear next week. I'm really bad at this. I can never decide, and usually end up taking WAY more than I need.

Just doing my duty to spam flist with cat pics :)
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Home again and sad to have my weekend of fun over with. That's the problem with cons.. they end and you have to remember, oh yea, I have a real life. Right now I'm home and getting moments of kitty love followed by moments of annoyance as they let me know that leaving was NOT cool in their books.

I had a day of mostly travel, and man - O'hare actually ranks BELOW San Diego's Airport! Yes, really!!!!! I expected much, much more from such a big 'hub' city and it failed in all respects.

My complaints:
- Wi-Fi costs! No free access.
- no power plugs anywhere in the seating areas EXCEPT in little 'internet' stations, of which there were 2 in the entire concourse. One at the end and one at the front.
- lack of restaurants. Very few. Mostly fast foody. Or I should say, mostly Starbucks. I'm not kidding. There were FIVE in the concourse I was in.
- hard to find maps. The screens for flight checking were large and all over, but maps of the airport to find someplace to eat that wasn't McDonalds - hard to find.

Why San Diego ranks above O'Hare:
- SD has free internet
- SD has power plugs all over!

So - best airport that I've been in so far this year: Detroit. If you have to have a layover - go for Detroit. Not only is it like a huge mall with lots of restaurants, but good shopping and clear maps. 2nd best was Phoenix with high tech internet savy look.

Later in the year I'll be through Atlanta and Orlando, so we'll see how they stack up as well.
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I'm back... and soooo far behind on LJ!

5 days of wilderness, bugs and camping in a really beautiful place and I'm even more glad for things like showers! :) The weather was nice and getting hot - it started out in the 80's and got to upper 80's by the time we left. Pretty much bright, clear, blue skys with a few puffy clouds on the last day. Nights were nice (except for the bugs) in the upper 50's. Basically a light jacket and a long sleeved shirt and one was fine.

We had the usual misadventures of injuries and grumpyness, but I think we all had a good time. I'm afraid to get on a scale to see if [ profile] hotmarscube's cooking had me gain weight or not *groan* The disadvantage of having a good cook along :)

Took a hike, did a bike ride, and two different photo classes - one by the Ansel Adams gallery and one by Canon, shopped and hung out at our campsite. I learned stuff in both photo classes, and I was especially glad for the Canon class - as I have a Canon camera and some tricks to do things with it was nice.

But I'm glad to be home and my cats, after a few hours of 'I'm not talking to you' are back to clinging and trying to crawl into my lap as I'm typing this!

And here are some pics. I took about 250 total. A lot duplicates and such. Here's 7 of them )


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