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My satellite provider is giving me free Starz for a year (and raised rates *sigh*). So, I've been making use of it. Some days there is just nothing on and I can catch part of a movie or so. They keep replaying the same set over and over during I don't know - a month? or less? (haven't had Starz long). And I've watched LOTR: Fellowship several times, you know, good background movie, one I like, that I like the music to that can play and I can surf and catch it here and there.

No matter when I've turned it on, or what day - I ALWAYS catch it at the SAME SPOT! Three times now!! Always when the fellowship is getting stuck in the snow and then turns for Moria and on to the end. Be nice to catch it somewhere else or you know, see the beginning...

And the same with a few of the other movies I've watched.

This happen to anyone else? Or just me? :)

BSG Finale

Mar. 20th, 2009 11:21 pm
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WTF? seriously WTF? )
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In the Entertainment Weekly Jan 23rd issue - last page, "The Must List - 10 things we love this week"

#3 - Top Gear on BBC America. Wanna learn about cars? Listen to NPR's Car Talk. If, however, you want to watch a trio of witty Brits race a Nissan GTR against a Japanese Bullet Train, this is where you go.

...... yea..... My favorite episode so far has been the RV demolition derby, though the plane vs. car race was good and the boat/bike/car/public transport race to the airport was a scream (the boat won). Those who know me are laughing at my redneck ways.


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