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I know, how boring. But finally a weekend in over two months that I'm not working!!!

Busy time at work is done with for the moment. We had one minor computer freak-out - but the boss ordered a new, snazzy computer and the original hasn't totally failed yet (but now it's going to be replaced with the new faster one). However, we did have a printer bite the dust and refuse to turn on. Oh well, we had a spare older one in the office to struggle with. Boss has already ordered two more new computers to update the other old ones in the office and we'll order a replacement printer soon.

My car finally got taken to the mechanic - and managed to take a lot of my overtime money. *sigh* At least it was about what I was expecting it to cost and no huge surprises. Though the 'please keep running' begs did work. The mechanic mentioned I had a major bearing for the timing belt about to go - and it was lucky it hadn't failed.
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Working like a dog 6 days a week, 11 hours a day. It's 'tax time', our busy, busy, OMG time of year when we all work like crazy (boss and co-workers in the same boat). Ugh. So, no I'm not dead, no I'm not ignoring everyone, I'm just too tired and stressed to think.

Also my laptop decided it hates the new 'update' software for the internet USB, so I've been stuck using the older, 'base' computer at my desk.. and sitting in my desk chair. Not as fun as slouching on the bed. Also, my cats HATE it. They prefer to be sprawled across my feet. Cleo is currenly sulking under the chair and Eowyn keeps walking across the keyboard.

I have a whole bunch of long stories I look forward to reading when I can think straight. You all are wonderful.

Here, have a kitty pic!

My scaredy-cat Eowyn, aka "invisi cat" to my mom. She's always like 'you sure you have two cats?' Yea mom.
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*gads* take ONE DAY off and the boss panics like its a week! *sigh* Yes, I can take a week, and its all 'get this done/put this where I can find it/tell everyone/get this done/etc/etc'. Its the same panic for a day. It's ONLY a DAY!

I'm taking this Friday so I can go see Pirates 4 early in the day :) and hey, I have lots of time, and this way, less stress on the co-worker.

And still moping I'm going to miss Mediawest this year.
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very slow at work. Which is good, since I'm leaving on vacation in a few days! I just hope it CONTINUES to be slow. With my work, we can be slowslowslow for days, then the day you are ready to leave on vacation, 5 projects must be done NOW.

Had to get up early, pre-dawn on a weekend for a horse show. *ugh* I am NOT a morning person. I woke up (after hitting my alarm for over an hour) the time I was supposto be OUT the door - and I wasn't ready, and I hadn't packed the car. Let's just say I ran around like crazy, but managed to be only 10 minutes late. Whew.
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All I can say is THANK GOODNESS since yesterday, Wed SUCKED ROCKS.

The good on Thur:
- a client brought in pretty potted flowers for some copying I was doing for her. It was really sweet.
- The internet worked at work (see hell below on Wed)
- I got tickets for seeing Star Trek tomorrow with the whole rest of the group! AND it's the big screen too! yay!
- I got two of the BK kids meal ST toys - Scotty and a Tricorder.
- watching the 'invisa' cat leap and freak out by Scotty's recorded message and run away.
- a new SPN I can't wait to watch!

The HELL on Wed:
- The internet wasn't working at work, when I needed it to do something.
- The boss called in early, freaking out because he wanted that something done.... and I couldn't do it.
- That led to over 4 hours being on the phone with the boss freaking out, fiddling with the computer and general hell.
- getting into trouble for throwing out some old forms and cleaning up. *sigh* It never fails, throw out the wrong stuff - never hear the end of it.
- our tech guy fixed the internet in the afternoon by replacing the powercord to the router *facepalm*


Apr. 29th, 2009 09:57 pm
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So full..... Today was the annual - "We survived Tax Season" late lunch. I ate and ate and ate and had a bottle of Ice Wine all to my self.

The boss always get a nice, expensive bottle of red for everyone else, but I get to pick what I want, and he's perfectly fine with buying me a bottle of ice wine. The restaurant has been getting more and more selection, and this year had four different desert wines. I picked the most expensive :) Heh. Not because it was the most expensive, but because it was the only ice wine. The others were late harvests and such. Which would have been great and sweet, but ice wine! And one I hadn't tried before.

Lots of fun, and now I need a nap.
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unlike my poor co-worker, who's been planning a Cancun snorkeling trip with her timeshare for like.. six months? Oh yea. She was going to be leaving on Saturday for a week with her husband. All carefully planned time off before his surgery and after which they would be stuck in town. Yea. Not happening. And they will loose the timeshare time, and even though the airlines will give them vouchers, no time to plan or make it anywhere else :( Not fun.

The only up side - our panic!man boss DOESN'T know she was planning to go to Mexico. Yea, he would have been freaking out for days!
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*whimper* the 10 hour days are creeping up into 11 hour days and now we're getting the idiot clients who bring in their stuff last minute, who owe money, and, of course, can't pay. So that means we can't extend them and have to get the return done so they can apply for a payment plan. *groan*

*sniff* and I come home to stuff brainlessly for a while.... and no new SGA stories to lose myself in. WAAAHHHH. Still considering selling my soul to make next years Stargate Vancouver convention. It's so close to being do able. Just the pesky problem of usually right AFTER the 15th its all the catch up work to do that's been put off for weeks. I have a year to work on the boss. And since I'm suffering SGA withdrawal, I went ahead and bought tickets to the August Chicago Stargate convention.


Apr. 30th, 2008 07:30 pm
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Oh man, I'm so full, I just want to lay down and veg. Today was our Tax Luncheon/dinner thingie - where we're taken out to a nice restaurant (our choice), and can order what we want - so I had a bottle of desert wine, smoked fish appetizer, bread, filet mignon + side dishes and banana cheesecake. god. It was good.. but I always eat too much.
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Everyone and their dog called today, and amazingly, not all of them about taxes. Groan. Only another day to struggle through. All the extensions I know about are done. Just waiting for last minute people - of which I'm sure there will be plenty.
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8 more days of work hell. ::sigh:: Always a fun time of year. At least this year is 100% better than last year. No computer deaths, printer deaths or copier deaths (knocks on wood).

I hope everyone's done their taxes. What am I saying - I haven't even done MINE yet. ::groan::
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yea, work has been a pill. My week has been work, surf, sleep: repeat. Thrills. It's that time of the year. All I can say is, thank god it's soooooo much better than last year. I mean I can handle 10 hour days - but the 12+ of last year was killing me.

At least, I'm over that cold from last week. Let me tell you, it's no fun having a cold when you can't take time off work to wallow in misery. Luckily mine never got horribly bad.

And the baby shower for my sister, [ profile] psyche7772, went off well last Sat. I was so frantic and busy running around and trying to do stuff that I didn't get many pictures. Good thing lots of people had cameras! I wore myself out so much I practically slept all day on Sunday. Whew.


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