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I completed two pictures - one of Steve/Danny and another with just Steve looking sexy with Autumn leaves. Here's a teaser and link to the art on the com.

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I did some digital art for the story Three Body Problem by zoemathemata on AO3

Here are the two thumbnails.

here's the Link to my artwork on AO3

The second piece was the one I was attempting to work on during the blackout. It's a strange experience to work in the dark and have to stop every so often to charge the laptop and to use the flashlight to see the keys for some things. I usually touch-type, but for 'alt' and 'ctrl' I need to look - because the layout of those changes by the keyboard. Luckily the power was on Friday and I had time to finish the illo.
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My two pieces of art for the art challenges

'Into the Sun' for the Five-O Art Fiesta at [ profile] h5oartvalentine

Into the Sun

'Teyla of Atlantis' for the SGA Art Shindig at [ profile] sgaartvalentine

Teyla of Atlantis
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[ profile] xanthelj Thank you for a very intense and enjoyable story that kept me up till 2am for a week! As soon as I read it, I wanted to do art with wolves!!

I'm so sad to hear about the broken foot and hope you get well soonest!

two wolves art )
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A wallpaper for the Hawaii 5-O fandom blowout on President's Day. Posting quickly before the new episode shows here! :)

Here's a teaser pic. I have no idea how to do the 'click bigger' code... so the link to the full size is at the bottom.

HERE ====> 1280x800 size
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The reveals are up at [ profile] sgaartvalentine and [ profile] h5oartvalentine. I did one piece of art for each.

For [ profile] sgaartvalentine

This was the piece I had the most trouble with - and needed the most handholding from the ever helpful beta [ profile] bluespirit_star. I started off with a different pic in the lower, which wasn't as happy, and kept trying for some song lyrics. Which kept not working. Finally I put a chessboard and their names there as a last minute 'oh my god, I just got to finish this.' I was very relieved that people liked it. Whew!

Having Fun for [ profile] mific


For [ profile] h5oartvalentine

I was very nervous about doing a secret exchange for this fandom. New fandom, haven't really done art yet for it ... but I REALLY wanted a shirtless Steve wallpaper (which I got!), so I'm glad I did. And wouldn't you know it - this piece I finished first, did in a few days and like the most.

Hawaiian Sun for [ profile] anuminis
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I participated in two Valentine exchanges: [ profile] h5oartvalentine
and [ profile] sgaartvalentine. I will post links to my secret pieces here when the reveal is done. In return, I also got two awesome gifts! Whee! Go look at the awesomeness!

My Prezzy from [ profile] h5oartvalentine
A Steve & Danny Collection

I asked Cupid for a shirtless Steve wallpaper. I not only got a shirtless Steve, but also Steve with guns and icons! Yay! Thank you Cupid! I have a feeling you know me very well :)

My Prezzy from [ profile] sgaartvalentine
Valentine kiss

I asked Cupid for sweet & sappy - and I got a kiss wallpaper in lovely warm colors with B&W as well as kissy icons too! Whee!

I really love both my gifts. I'm glad I participated in both exchanges as its been a lot of fun.
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[ profile] sheafrotherdon is doing The H50 Car Fic Festival

I did a quickie Hawaii 5-O piece of "car" art Here!
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The [ profile] sga_art_santa reveals are up! I did:

Not in Vegas Anymore done for [ profile] mischief5

I'm really, really happy with how it turned out. And, surprisingly, I didn't really have a plan fo what I wanted to do to start out with. It was more playing with pics and textures and getting lots of hand-holding from [ profile] bluespirit_star that it didn't suck :)

I was so happy with the good reception this piece got, that I was on a creative high and signed up for two MORE art exchanges - [ profile] h5oartvalentine and [ profile] sgaartvalentine *frets*

hmm... I seem to be on a yellow/red-ish kick when I do sga art. Surprising, as its my least favorite colors. But its a color combination that seems to work well for wallpaper, where as blue/green just doesn't "pop" as much to me - even though I really like green!
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Iā€™m here! Honest. Just uhm.. being easily distracted by all the choices to read at the moment.

Ohh! Cookies from [ profile] neevebrody and [ profile] friendshipper! And hot chocolate to go with them from [ profile] amdir_jas Thank you all!

I got my Holiday cards out monday... not as early as I wanted. I had a stack of overseas.. and the local post guy kind of laughed at me when I asked how long overseas was taking. *sigh* Seems I misjudged the timing there. I didn't realize you had to mail them the 1st of December? I think of doing cards after Thanksgiving ā€“ but for some reason I think that's too early to mail them, so I wait, then when it seems time, it's too late. So, all my overseas pals.... You will receive 'Happy New Year' cards!

I've been slow also with Christmas shopping. Keeping going to the mall and wandering around aimlessly not seeing anything that really 'speaks' to me for anyone on my list. There's a reason I'm usually shopping on the 24th!

I participated in one holiday exchange - [ profile] sga_art_santa . Lots of wonderful art has started to post. Go take a look! And one of them is by me ā€“ and one for me too! Whee! I want to thank [ profile] bluespirit_star for being my wonderful art beta and helping me to refine the art to something that came out much better than I was originally imagining with just some little adjustments.

And the one for me has posted! Shore Leave A beautiful romantic piece that I immediately put as my wallpaper! Thank you santa! (and I've been looking at it trying to figure out how it was done! I love all the stuff I learn)

And not only art, but so much good stuff to read at [ profile] sga_santa, [ profile] undermistletoe, and [ profile] ts_secret_santa. Oh my! And just a little while ago I was bemoaning the lack of stuff to read. No more! Now there is so many I want to hide and read all day! (which really cuts into the shopping and things like, you know, work!). I'm behind in reading and commenting on all of them. I hope to catch up one day.

ETA: Oh - and [ profile] bluespirit_star is doing a daily advent of goodies art and stories too! She's so ambitious!
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Yay!! Finished the two planned illos for my assigned [ profile] sgabigbang fic! *dances* A huge thanks to [ profile] bluespirit_star for some last minute hand-holding, kind words and helpful comments.

Now just to wait till the big reveal. And I have no clue which one to read first - I think I need a week off work!! :)


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