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and may 2014 NOT SUCK! It's the Year of the Horse - which is my year, so there is hope. And I'm clinging to hope.

I wave goodbye to the suckitude of 2013 with family squabbles and infighting and it kicked me on the way out with the death of a friend. [ profile] wolfemeister you will be missed. I will miss your kindness, good nature, dolly finds and tv show chats especially.
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Very well done action Giant Robot vs. Giant Monster mash up! It was a lot of fun. Some stand out acting, some super awesome fight choreography, good story, beautiful and functional designs (and some wicked monsters) and great music. The director knows what he's doing and brings his A game.

Do you like/watch Anime? Do you like Godzilla movies? Then yes, this is a wonderful homage to all those anime meck type movies and giant monster movies.

I've already seen it twice. This is one that seeing it on the large screen is a bonus. If you can swing it - I would recommend the IMAX 3D version. 2D was good - but the IMAX will blow you away!

PS - small funny bit mid way through credits.

Rating: 5 Stars!
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A pretty standard 'B' movie. One that was amusing more for laughing at the screen. It had Kevin Bacon & Jeff Bridges chewing scenery and making jokes ..... and not a whole lot else tying it together. Not bad, but not noteworthy.

This is actually an excellent one to rent and have a few friends over and make a MST3K party for it.

Rating: 3 stars
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Die hard in the White House. No kidding. And here I thought that's what Olympus Has Fallen (OHF) was! Nope. This is a direct copy - down to the being a cop, jokes, white widowmaker T-shirt, press are idiots and bumbling.

Was it good? Yes, I enjoyed it. Lots of explosions, lots of gun fights lots of wonton destruction. Was it the same as Olympus Has Fallen? ... Yes, actually it was, which is why I think it hasn't done as well.

To me - it seemed like the same 'idea factory' came up with some plot points and gave the same ideas to two different script writers.. who while they differed a little, basically had the same line. And here the directors were both 'and our script is totally different, I haven't seen that one'. Really? No, you were lying through your teeth!

1. There will be a daughter in danger
2. Original group will let in backups/more people
3. There will be hostages
4. There will be hiding around/crawling around hidden places.
5. Traitor will be closely tied to president (who the traitor was same in both movies, though WHD had 2nd traitor)
6. There will be rockets on the roof
7. The SEALS will fail - with three helicopters
8. The vice Pres is TOAST
9. Hero has communication with outside
10. Secretary of State is calling the shots
11. Bad guys want nuke codes (though different reasons).
12. Quirkey hacker

Really. Really?

I did enjoy both - but seeing them back to back? yea, so similar. The only difference - OHF was LOT more violent. It lived up to that R with pretty large amount of death - violent death as well as some intense torture, where as WHD went more for the shot-em-off-screen violence, lets explode lots of stuff.

Rating: 4 stars
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Again, cute and amusing. Kids will love it.

However, this was pretty predictable. One main final plot point [ profile] corvis_corvax even called out from the trailer MONTHS before we saw it. Not as good as the first movie. Gru doesn't charm as much as a 'good guy' except for one scene near the beginning where he'll do anything for his girls. THAT was funny. He was much more interesting as the Villian (or wanna be villain). Here he was a little too bumbling and a little too over-bearing on 'no boys near girls'.

The minions were funny - and amusing - even if traumatic things happen to them. They are basically why I think the movie has exploded. Everyone loves the minions!

Again, you don't need a big screen or 3d. Fine for renting.

Rating: 4 stars
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Cute and worth seeing. Also, totally did not end how I expected. I actually loved the ending and wanted that to be expanded a LOT more instead of just quick little snapshots montage sort of thing. The monsters were really cool and sometimes things were happening so fast that you were missing the side jokes and stuff in the background.

Several problems with continuity with some things in Monsters, Inc. - but nothing too bad, and 'handwave' ey.

I liked it and it was fun, but really, you don't need a big screen (or 3d), so fine for renting later.

rating: 4.5 stars
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Very disjointed. It's like the script was written by committee with no overall vision tying it together. And we're not talking film editing - that was fine - but rather the movie itself couldn't decide if it was serious or humorous or what. It was not bad but just lacked a certain.. I don't know. We kind of walked out and it wasn't bad it just wasn't ... all there.

Tonto was fine. The Lone Ranger was a little wallpaper-ish himself. He couldn't carry the movie, but that's okay, his horse could. Also the side characters were a little more interesting and vivid - almost distracting from TLR.

What I liked: Silver (the spirit horses who liked to be on high places was a scream). Tonto & horse arguments, big action pieces

What I disliked: the wannabe love between The Lone Ranger and his brothers widow (no. yuck). the violent Indian death/attack - that really did not serve the story AT ALL, the narration 'future' bits that broke the story.

My suggestion - rent it with a group of friends and have a grand time talking about how to improve it.

Rating - 3.5 stars
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Not bad. Decent action flick, the actor did better than I thought but it was WAY too long. Lots and lots and LOTS of destruction (and gazing into Lois' eyes - bleah! get the point already!). The changes to the 'history' and mythology was interesting and pulled you in. Lois wasn't a dim-whit but actually a good reporter and did some necessary things (except for the extending eye gazing). I liked both of Clark's 'parents' (original and earth).

The only problem - the huge amounts of destruction - and Superman NOT taking the fight AWAY from earth/the city, but adding to MORE destruction.

All in all, good job, but not as outstanding (to me) as Ironman 3.

Worth seeing - give it 4 stars.
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Yes, the annual trial of exhaustion is over - and I've spent the last few days dragging myself back to work. *bleah*

San Diego Comic Con was tons of fun... but WAY too many lines. And they get longer and longer and longer each year :( I made out with the booksellers area - but by constant hovering. There were giveaways for lots of Young Adult books - which I have to look through and see which ones I want and which I'll pass along to other friends. I had utterly NO luck in the movie/TV studio area with any giveaways. The lines would form instantly - at the same time as security guards were yelling at you to MOVE ALONG. *pouts* So, there were several things I've found out were given out by searching Ebay.

I got into most of the panels I wanted to - but dint of much line standing and loss of sleep. One I failed at - even with getting up way early. Oh well. I was almost glad Hobbit wasn't here this year. That would have been campout for sure. As Hall H, I found out to my dismay, that you only got in by at camping out. I got in line at 5:30AM and still did not get into Hall H for my panel. Too many Whovanians to fight against.

The only bright spot - I got a snazzy new smart phone - and I was burning up the Wi-Fi while line standing - and also taking and posting some pictures.

Some pictures I posted from Con are here:
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Unfortunately, After Earth is not worth it :(

I =KNOW= Will Smith & Jaden Smith can act. I've enjoyed a lot of movies with Will, and I think Jaden did a wonderful job in Karate Kid. But his movie? Both of them were FLAT and pretty Emotionless and monotone! And since I know they both can act - it's the directing.

Lets put it this way: M. Night Shyamalan = George Lucas.

*sigh* Don't waste your money.
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As it says: Fast & Furious! Also fun and entertaining. A definite summer movie - where it's thrills, chases and improbable physics (shut up brain!) Entirely enjoyable, and over the top? Oh yea! And even better - foreign locals: Moscow & LONDON!!! WHEEEEEEE! Made MY day :) They are also in several other countries, but not as recognizable. Cars doing impossible things, lots of jokes, wrecked cars, some good physical fights, a few gun battles, and more cars doing impossible things, along with a tank and a plane.

Funnily, both reviews I read, both reviewers basically said, hell, it had a simple plot, physics were a problem, but I enjoyed it anyway.

worth seeing - Yep!
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not bad, but not outstanding.

If you have rugrats, they'll enjoy it (though the slightly older ones). There are a number of pretty violent battles and deaths for a kid flick.

My main problem was that the male 'hero' was a selfish, immature, jerk. And well, acted liked a 6 year old basically. And he was supposto be 16/18ish? What in the world did the girl see in him? Utterly nothing. And really, no chemistry. I'm afraid I liked the mentor character a lot more.

Wait for video unless you've got kids wanting to see it.
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I don't have any new trek icons - so here's Kirk. Made of Win indeed.
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Lots of great story telling, a very interesting twist for the villain (whoo boy), lots of h/c and whump, and lots of emotional stuff too. I really love how they used PTSD for Tony. Tony's pals are all smart and capable. Rhodes is very bad!ass. Pepper is awesome, Poor Happy gets the short end of the stick but a very important one. Interesting new characters and some very well done effects. WANNA SEE IT AGAIN! :)

I saw it in IMAX 3d. Love the IMAX for intense action flicks.

See it? OMFG YES
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Seeing Iron Man 3 tomorrow at noon at the IMAX.

Yes, the boss knows why I took the day off. Hey, I needed a 'mental health day' :)
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Actually a very good action flick and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I'm glad I went to see it. A lot of my friends were not interested. They didn't know what they were missing!

Lots of gun battles, blowing S**T up, sneaking around, stealth kills, Hero being badA**, more gun battles, crashing heilos, super secret weapons, and evil villain chewing scenery. Throw in some fine acting and it's a good action flick.

I've seen it described as 'Die Hard in the White House'. Yea, I can see that. However Gerard Butler doesn't quite go for the 'everyman' type of wise cracking hero. Instead he's more special forces competent.

Normal action flick type of blood. Nothing like Judge Dredd *shudder*

Like with any action flick - one should be in the mood and you know, leave the brain at home. Not that I think this had lots of physical improbabilities, but knowing my easy going mood - probably.

My vote = A :)
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I liked it, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Very visual and actually very introspective. I loved the look of the tech! Very cool designs for a lot of the movie.

The movie is basically Tom Cruise's character, who's had his memory wiped, getting curious and discovering the 'truth' and what really happened - to him and to the world. You have some clues, and it's not a huge reveal, but it is an interesting one, and from a character standpoint, it's a doozy. VERY character driven. So, for those of my FL who are into character motives and character actions - this is the movie for you.

And a lot of Tom Cruise. As an actor, I often enjoy his movies, but if you don't care for him as a actor, or in general, then this is not the movie for you.

Someone see it so I can chat about it!! :)
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I enjoyed it. Explosions, over the top sword fights, wild gadgets, explosions, more over the top action sequences - (sword battle on wires on a CLIFF! Oh yea! High five that one stunt guys. LOL.) Evil villany, bad guy double trickery, explosions, tanks ... oh.. and Bruce Willis. :)

Have a few drinks, don't take the brain. Not that I had any problems with the plot - but really, sword fight on a cliff?

Only one problem. THEY BLEW UP LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a spoiler. It was in the trailer. But still! *sobs* You all should know how much I love London. You can't blow up London!!!!

I really enjoyed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. And him and Bruce. LOL. Though why replace Channing Tatum? He wasn't bad in the 1st movie. And his friendship with the Rock at the beginning was great. They had good chemistry - you could see them as friends.

Not worth 3D (come on guys - what's with all this 'after conversions'). A few funky problems in converting. And speaking of problems converting - I saw LOTS of 'glitches' and weird perspective in The Great Gatsby trailer.

Like I said, I enjoyed it - but during tax season - I'm easy to please with action flicks. Entertaining. Yes. Did my brain hurt? no.
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Amusing, a little 'crude' but not too bad. Totally unrealistic in some things the characters do, but so far over the top that one just laughs along. Kids will definitely enjoy. Parents might groan at some stuff, but will be amused at others.

I was amused by the creatures - who very on the upper end of fantastic and way out of the ballpark. To me, they look like they were assembled by dice rolls. Head of a.... Pelican! Legs of a... hippo! Body of a ... whale! Nose of a... Elephant! Horns of a .... Sheep! LOL. Very scenic, very dramatic. 3D wasn't bad - a lot of landscape to pop.

Worth seeing - definitely worth taking the small fry.
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You know you are in CA when the bulding shakes and your first action - after a mental 'where/how strong' - is to check USGS quake map :) I was so quick - that the quake I felt hadn't even loaded yet. LOL. And it was right - close by and about 5.0.

For some reason, I can really feel the quakes here at work. It might be because I'm in a 3 story building, but I think there's a fault zone in the area that just picks them up really well.


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